Sunday Love 

 The bang on the drum 

Calls sisters and brothers to

Gather as one 

Vibrations under the feet of children 

Beckons an innocence of movement 

And for too long 

I believed I was not worth any of this 

To be loved 

Was a pipe dream of strangeness 

Yet somehow friends have peeked 

From distant mountains 

Taking my hand to say 

…Sweet sister,


…Is impossible! 

*Top picture is my sweet son and this piece is based on performing at 2015 World Music Fest. I’ve been so embraced with love. Thank you 

I got you babe 

Our love is like diamonds 
Blasting light through floors and ceilings 
I’ve got your back 
I’m under your shield 
Barefoot on the beach 
Scars revealed 
You said I make beautiful look ugly
Words capture and transform me
There’s a spot on my ankle
Reserved for your name 
Gods whistled and blew 
Powerfully thrusting oceans to move 
The miracle to find 
The you in me and the me in you 
Webster in all his genius
Can’t come close to defining us
Beyond existence 
Beyond reason 
My heart is yours no question 
We collided 
And the cosmos went, oh shit! 
Promises inked around my wrist 
Tattooed in permanence 
Nothing will ever erase this 
Know you are adored and safe 
Because I got you
I got you babe