Kitty and Pepper 

Kitty and Pepper

Savoring nine lives 
Shaken outside the black and white 
Hiding far beyond the boundary lines 
Kitty and Pepper 
Cuz two is so much grander 
Than the one 
Cooing dove
Now lurking with a partner 
Diving into unknown worlds underground
Stealth movements 
Back to back 
Absent of sound 
Taking on the beasts that roam
Transforming into wolves 
Under the full moon
Claws out 
Eyes cut
No need to read between the lines
Kitty and Pepper 
are after you 
Straight up
Overblown city boy 
Ego feeds on what he destroys
Guess who’s waiting at your 
Wanna play?
The oozing cuteness
He can’t resist
While one distracts
The other reconstructs 
In a flash ego boy is done 
The mysterious huntress
Leashed to her Kitty cat 
Snap out of your petty fantasy
These aren’t the girls next door 
Hiss! Crack! 
We’re your scariest nightmare 
So play nice
Or it’ll be claws in your back. 

Oh Captain, My Captain


He pierced my skin, bit me hard
Got in my veins, found my core
Swims in my veins, eats me alive

Opens my senses, shuts my eyes
I am his baby, I am his pet
I squirm and writhe, he claws and bites

Wrestles me down, rolls me around
Runs his hands up and down, mmm, damn
Fits himself inside all the right places

Arches my back, sucks my neck.
Gets me purring like a pussy cat
Sweating and moaning, our climax approaching

Rocking hard in a steady rhythm
Slamming us into the throws of ecstacy
Rides me home arms commanding my waste

Howling as we reach the tip
Heavy breathing lip to lip
Hot damn baby
Not bad, for a Monday

Lisa and Souldiergirl Xo

Crazy and Mischief (a duet with the lovely Lisa)


Do not enter…
Yet we always found a way
Bonded at the hips like sisters
Breaking the locks or leaping over
The seeds of adventure blossomed when we were together

Excitedly running out of the back door
Yelling at my folks I’ll be home by twelve
Driving in your car as fast as we could
Laughing out loud as the music blared
We had hope in each other when the world crushed us down

Escaping bullshit on the weekends
Getting the heck out of this lame town
We were a duet of crazy mischief, no one could strap us down. Bumming smokes from random strangers Getting high from just being together

Dancing all night; never wanting to drive back home
Always lost in endless conversations
Time dissipated between our souls
A world of our very own making
Nothing could keep one from the other
I was her and she was me, against the world in our own harmony…

I worked with Lisa from Underground Energy for this piece. She is super talented and exudes a love and energy that feels like the glowing sun. She’s adopted me as a sister and I’m on cloud nine today! You will be too when you read this beautiful sunshines daily magic! Thank you Lisa❤️