Wake Me 

  Broken apologies 
From all the times life used 

“I’m sorry”

Worn out whiskey bottles 

From hands clutching glass

To sink the rising sorrows

The window seat 

..where hope and my soul meet 

Now submerged from the pointed finger 

“Not today little girl”

Yeah ok..

Well I am pretty tired of this 

…teasing burial of my dreams

So I’m gonna make like a fairytale 

And sleep underground

Wake me with that kiss

When heartbeats sync with bliss 


Red Palms 

The room fills

So dark and heavy
The screams lurk
Absorbed and steady
The second I turn away
You lunge and hit me 
Your hands on my bare back
Slapping so violently
Like everything you have buried
And I’m the bullseye for your mental 
I thought we were past this?
You know what,  I’m so damn sick 
Of looking over my shoulder 
It’s a guess of what to expect 
An apologetic hug or
The rage of your fists.