I have been through unsightly storms and flung by your wild sea
I longed to, just for a time…
Remain dry 
But this, my friends, is an uncontrollable life 
The water is not ready …to stop rushing
So I say, “I am done running!”
I cannot place my palm to the wind 

…redirecting it 

Nor my body to the ocean

And pretend…not to be absorbed by it 

You hold my feet down so I may withstand it! 

You flood my graffiti heart

so I may be born again 

A reformed spirit

Your blood makes me permanent!

If I yell at the rain and with a heated temper question it
My tree will only wither …in stubborn ignorance 

Choosing love instead, 

I bathe in your rawness!

I bury my will into the unknown

Graciously taming my patience.