Once Upon Our Time


My life is a story 

A peeling layer of liquid poetry

As the breadcrumbs 

fall behind me

Each time I grow


Each time you know 

There is more of me to follow 

I’ll be Gretel  

How about it Hansel?

Our words are building a foundation

For the most courageous castle 

One who has seen 

And felt 

Been on her knees 

When all she could do 

…Was crawl 

Now she stands 

With you and me 

Abducting a long forgotten glee

And it doesn’t make sense

But love seldom does 

Once upon our time 

Breadcrumbs and fairytale rust 

Take my story 

Not just to read 

…Yours, to be touched. 



I love you and I don’t know why

With all this grief

My heart keeps tight

…a sliver of light

And I think…

If I keep this slender sliver on repeat

…I will be alright

I love you and I don’t know why

I remember when you first

walked down the street

into my soul

I remember it all

The warm sliver of a ray of hope

I love you and I don’t know why

…all you needed was a sliver to get inside

To be, to watch, to pray 

I think if I keep this slender sliver on replay

maybe, just maybe

…I will be ok


*thank you for helping me through this hard time- love you all* 

Our Place 


 Running through the tall weeds

Of all we have been through

How it has grown taller than us

Hand in hand, we escape 

To remember when

Time was not an enemy 

…but a friend 

Like you 

Like me

Come lay under the stars 

Baring all of our scars 

To the eyes we trust 

We are safe here 

In our land 

…of magic and love 



Feel Me 

I burn to run 

…Straight to you 

My desire spreads like a wildfire

And I am being torched alive 

The wind carries my ashes

…once fingertips

Covering your darkness

Cloaking you in shadows bliss

Placing feeling where I wish I could be

Being kissed by my ferocious breeze

Through time and destiny

Twisted tales of tortured beings

Somehow managed to converge …and be

A curse to feel yet a gift to me! 




As my body melts into water

Sucked up by a quenching sun

Raining a universe away

To the place where you stand

For you to feel me

Once again

Even if it is just as a raindrop

…on your hand 


Write about IT


Write about the gut wrenching pain

That seeps from stomach to heart
Stain the page 

With the noises causing my brain hurt 

Spinning my mind like a ferris wheel 

And I choose not to look down 

Without a view to admire

Just that terrible circus music

And a scary clown waving his hands 

I stay on…

Falling asleep to wake back up 

And running a marathon in between 

The life that got me here and the one 

I am striving toward 

Write about the sharpest broken heart 

I have ever felt

A heart shared beautifully into another’s reach

A heart now expanding through trauma and grief

Write about how to get through each second

Do whatever you have to do but promise to make it

It will get better

Because our miraculous beings have an amazing capibility to consistently grow stronger 

Become like a child, with a resilient behavior 

Write about all of it

The death-the shock-the sickness

The love-the beauty-the moments that stale from quickness

And how you overcame it 

Write it out and do not forget 

It may seem terrifying now 

Or glorious now

When it changes, and it will

Look back on how you made it

To get to paradise

From the guts of laughter

To stain the paper

That is how we will do it 

~for our future generations, we must share how we made it from yesterday, to a better place. -Souldiergirl 

My X-Ray 

If you unzipped me 

I often wonder
Would you love what you see?
Beyond the outward splendor 
Into the inward being of 
Chaotic construction 
The broken tracks 
Leading into diagonals
The cats game of tic tac toe 
Angel demon angel sucker  
Bullets packed 
With loaded questions 
Deaf to outsiders 
Fairies on fire 
And feral wolves roaming 
With fangs longer than machetes
Never trimmed back or denied
Woods hidden with treasures 
Meadows and a single blackbird
Scrutinizing from an ivory tower
A golden sun 
Who’s ink melts and runs
Colliding into Saturn’s moons 
Colors high on acid  
Trap doors and mazes
Fueled from the gut of blackness
Eyes glowing like fireflies in a fortress
Watch your step
Are you hesitant?
Kitty likes to have her back scratched
She purrs before she bites back
Claws out
Inside me, it is about surviving
Relentlessly readied for an attack
Do you still love me?
It’s not so pretty
In the swamp of messy
It’s hot lava and it hates drama
There’s a goddess with ruby eyes
But you might have to die
Before you ever arrive 
Will you unzip me?
Will you press your lips inside of me?
Or will you cry panic in the streets, 
With all the other timid beasts?  



Sadness draws me in
Underneath the zipper of despair
My heart paper thin
After a week of crumbling from within
You sense my darkness
Alerting your attentive soul
You arrive at my doorstep
Guard down, sexy as ever
Your eyes, my treasure
Your heart, I’ve been quenching
The beat beat
Of my breasts
Colliding with your chest
As they fall and sway
There’s not much to say
In words
My lips speak
As they rise from griefs burn
You- my only cure
Black nails pressing hard into your spine
Wrapping my ankles with your silk tie
“My gift” you say as you unwind
Out into where I go in
Fated lovers
Twisted, tangled
Souls pumping as one
Our mess of destruction
Our sadness our abduction
All seems to vanish
With your body upon mine
Delicious seduction
My despair is fading
At the knock of my lovers



Beyond the ruins
Of my exasperated soul
I curl into a tiny ball
A camouflaged creature
Just another broken piece
Through the haze
Of our galaxies and Milkyway
You’ve cradled my face
You reappear
Unafraid of loving
A tattered girl
I’m trembling for your closeness
You curl into my brokenness
Your words twinkle my bleakness
I know you say
You’re no angel
Yet your spirit is saving me
For a future
That is, to be continued…



Your sweet soul
Is seeping through
Filling my pale skin
With broken dreams
Incapable of a remedy
Yet my soft hands run wild
With your untamed melody
To bring you a new beauty
Blowing abrasions to the wind
Settling your scars
With my pure kiss
You may fearfully fly
Yet I will be here waiting
With loves compassion
Throughout the night
And all my days