Inside a Soul Like Mine~


Peeks of reality
Shine through the dreamer in me
Like when the truth is hard to see
Oh how it blinds me!
Like a crystal                                     
and your love the window                  Can’t you feel the heat beating through?                                     Colors cascade in an unforgiving radiance                                    …through time and space                   Stand beside me                              We can paint Gods face                  The planks of ivory                          The worlds open race                         In my mind I am wading in the river. Feet embedded in the pebbles.          It is slow and it is futile                    For the snap of the fingers         

Brings me back to that room       Where time spins a never ending tune No sooner do the ants die             Then they are reborn                             I am running with my paintbrush  …Even though my dress is torn           I will find a way to get through this!      Heaven waits                                    As David sounds his horn 

My soul is mine again

IMG_4987 (2) - Copy

Tonight my pain is as deep as the ocean

My sorrow is painted in dark alleyways

My eyes are in dreary disbelief

For my soul is mine again

You have returned it

In many pieces

All over this room

That feels like a endless field

Where I see no end and I yearn for reason

Reasons that will never be mine

They belong to you

You made your choices

And now I make mine too

But first…

I will lay in this field

Gazing at the white world

Fumbling for my heart that got away

Being the darkness, painting my pain

Throughout the alleyways.




In the worst kind of way

It hurts It stings

It is raw and it bleeds

I would if I could


but the memories claw the wounds open again

like trees hitting the window

In a storm beyond my control

Lies spring eternal

The heartbreak you administered

Is lethal

Oh Doctor Doctor

Tell me what’s the cure…

For this deadly betrayal?

I became the centerfold

For his lies and scandal

Oh Doctor Doctor

Come a little closer

Transform me into more than one can handle

Take these feelings burning my soul

The side effects of betrayals disaster

Burn them into oblivion

And return them to their master