I love you and I don’t know why

With all this grief

My heart keeps tight

…a sliver of light

And I think…

If I keep this slender sliver on repeat

…I will be alright

I love you and I don’t know why

I remember when you first

walked down the street

into my soul

I remember it all

The warm sliver of a ray of hope

I love you and I don’t know why

…all you needed was a sliver to get inside

To be, to watch, to pray 

I think if I keep this slender sliver on replay

maybe, just maybe

…I will be ok


*thank you for helping me through this hard time- love you all* 

Paper Ears 


I needed to get back 

To the lab again

Alone with paper and pen 

All these emotions 

Shooting through me 

In an unannounced current 

Of electricity 

Keeping me up turning 

The spin of the ballerina in that box

Hearing the music of my own 

…melodic thoughts

Like a deer in the woods 

Frolicking and evading 

The hunters postured in each direction 

The compass behind my eyes

Faithfully guided me to a covered protection 

To transfer the impulses from 


…to out 

All I needed to do was






Tonight I am inspired by love. On this journey I am standing up to say…yes, I am worthy to be loved! 

Our pasts can damage our self worth- I think of a brand new white shirt- the perfect white tee- then coffee spills on it during a busy day, finger paint from a little ones grab, blood from trying to save a life that slipped away just seconds before, black makeup from trying to be pretty and play dress up- but the force of tears won out in the end. Not to mention all the hands pointing to say “what a mess”. But I don’t need them to love me anyway. I want to be loved without judgment. I want to be linked up with love by those who see the messy shirt and say “wow look at all she’s survived- awesome!” 

I have to start with myself, I know this. I have to look in the mirror and truly believe I am worth passion and love despite the mess, despite the harsh labels from my past. I am not a mistake- I am unmistakable. Unmistakably me- exactly how my journey has made me. 

Thank you to my friend Eric Syrdal for reminding me beauty is not hiding our joy and our pain but expressing it. Thank you for seeing a warrior in me when I have felt so tired and unsure. Please visit his works, he is a true and real gift to our wp family. 

Love my inner•spirit 


Secrets of Leaves 


The last leaf of fall

Settled at my back door

Whispering secrets of the coming spring

So I folded it

Into the safety of a golden locket

….When the night arrives to me

Coated in a chill of melancholy

I pink inside a patient heart to see

The hush of a pale sunlight

The prick of a honey bee

The song sung by kissing trees

The promise of better days

Hidden whispers

Revive me

Then gently tuck away

forest 1




I am pure
Half goddesss half rebel
Systematic allure
Hippy roots
From tear drenched boots
Stomping all over this
Tattered soul
Chained down to mind control
Oh call me a little victim!
Oh your little sinner!
No! No! No!
I am pure
Heart of a beast
I am a fighter
Escaped through a slit of light
While slumming in the shadows
Tired of bullshit
Oh how we recognize it!
Her and I 
I am not alone
We call eachother out
As they bring us down
Her hands my measuring stick
…the trees we have become
Plucked from the tumbleweeds                                                                                                                 
of love

She graciously reminds me,
I am free!
Born again
Naked liberation
Running into the ocean
I am pure
I am grown
I am wild
I am that burning whisper                                                                                                                                                Glowing through fire                                                                                                                            I am a slice of your sum                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The determination of one                                                                                                                                                        …Of ONE…