I cannot talk 

There is an avalanche in my throat
It is a raging storm 
Pleading an exit of eruption
I cannot run
I am chain linked to this entity
I may not pour out every sickness
That runs through my veins
And colors my eyes
But God views
The lacerated and the bruised
While you turn the lights out
And tac yourself to a frame in the wall
I am chucked into the light
With the radiation ssssting
Of a pulse so terrified she’s stuttering 
The avalanche is booming 
God will not make his move
The demons crawl and lurk 
Why on earth
Would you choose to sprint with them 
With a back turned
As I burn under the damned 

My X-Ray 

If you unzipped me 

I often wonder
Would you love what you see?
Beyond the outward splendor 
Into the inward being of 
Chaotic construction 
The broken tracks 
Leading into diagonals
The cats game of tic tac toe 
Angel demon angel sucker  
Bullets packed 
With loaded questions 
Deaf to outsiders 
Fairies on fire 
And feral wolves roaming 
With fangs longer than machetes
Never trimmed back or denied
Woods hidden with treasures 
Meadows and a single blackbird
Scrutinizing from an ivory tower
A golden sun 
Who’s ink melts and runs
Colliding into Saturn’s moons 
Colors high on acid  
Trap doors and mazes
Fueled from the gut of blackness
Eyes glowing like fireflies in a fortress
Watch your step
Are you hesitant?
Kitty likes to have her back scratched
She purrs before she bites back
Claws out
Inside me, it is about surviving
Relentlessly readied for an attack
Do you still love me?
It’s not so pretty
In the swamp of messy
It’s hot lava and it hates drama
There’s a goddess with ruby eyes
But you might have to die
Before you ever arrive 
Will you unzip me?
Will you press your lips inside of me?
Or will you cry panic in the streets, 
With all the other timid beasts?