Penniless Joy 


A distracted world
lay on its back 
Tickled by a materialistic god
…and I am empty inside
 Hoisting up a fading smile                                        I shop to own the priceless
True wealth rumored to be free 
I have been working tirelessly
…Is this what my life is to be?
Decaying for another mans goal
Spending all my time                           …in the rearview of our front porch 

The hours tick by
Like a slow melting ice
…begging for sun
I am frozen in this cubicle 
Away from my loves 
To give them a life
But what about playing on an impulse?
And rising beyond looming icicles 
…That I could die hung over this keyboard                                                
Still dreaming of a life with you
Grieving the seconds I never said your name! 

I should rise up, and be my own sun!  Unthaw a buried intuition                      Take your hand to sketch my change       An invaluable recognition…                        Dying for joy,                                        and daring to live the stories                         That make up the glorious lines            …in the earths face 



We were Rockstars once 


Sliding down the banister

Your arms waiting
Silly and sinister
The perfect match for your little sister 
One drag at a time  
We’ll figure the rest out together 
Fur coats and sunglasses 
Jovial hearts but we walk like badasses 
I won’t forsake what you started 
At times the grief hurts so bad
I can’t handle it 
I smell your teen spirit 
I scream our favorite songs 
I’m clawing through jungles of traps
Cuz all I hear is 
“Little sis I got your back”
And I know you do
This determination I feel
Imprinted by you
The memories are coming back
The crazy times 
A wild and fearless love 
Dammit that you’re gone
But we were rockstars once 



I really miss you today

Blue eyes 
Always converse
Always the jokester
The tragedy laced into my heart
As I stitch it tears apart
The pulse of where you are 
In the flesh that swims upstream
In the veins that give and take
The mothers milk 
Where I am permanently stayed 
My nails I bite 
Claw and fight me
Growing back at quicker speeds
A metaphor that is now my grief 
I cry and wail
Yet the missing only intensifies
I can’t stand to admit it!
Have you really died? 



Sadness draws me in
Underneath the zipper of despair
My heart paper thin
After a week of crumbling from within
You sense my darkness
Alerting your attentive soul
You arrive at my doorstep
Guard down, sexy as ever
Your eyes, my treasure
Your heart, I’ve been quenching
The beat beat
Of my breasts
Colliding with your chest
As they fall and sway
There’s not much to say
In words
My lips speak
As they rise from griefs burn
You- my only cure
Black nails pressing hard into your spine
Wrapping my ankles with your silk tie
“My gift” you say as you unwind
Out into where I go in
Fated lovers
Twisted, tangled
Souls pumping as one
Our mess of destruction
Our sadness our abduction
All seems to vanish
With your body upon mine
Delicious seduction
My despair is fading
At the knock of my lovers