Badass Beasts 

Thoughtful Thursday- no way I can pick just one of you. 

My fellow beasts 

Marked from past life’s
Flipped on both sides of the coin  
Until faces rubbed away from pain 
Not knowing which was heads
And which one never failed
Nightmares repeated tragedies 
Innocence stuck inside obscenities 
Abandon with no token 
Lost without a conclusion
That’s the paperweight of memories 
We each feel deep within 
The crimes that stole a naive witness
Thats what turned us 
to defenders from defenseless 
These are my heroes 
Of the new world culture 
Inking their stories
Bad-ass tattooed from their 
heads, shoulders
Knees and…souls 
Charlypriest and Buttercup 
Voodoo and Americana 
Hardcore survivors howling 
we will we will rock ya 
Mockingbirddown and JMC813 
The bear and the lion man
No doubt you won’t make it past
If you’re packin an ill will of intention
I’m Souldiergirl 
Lucky number 7
These beasts, 
I’m honored to lurk with
From highs to lows 
Stories bursting open 
While lips remain closed 
I admire each one of them
They’ve breathed through hell 
more than once
And you know what 
They use their past to become braver 
Instead of giving up 

I am a Thunderstorm 

The past is a prologue 

To the story of my life  
Born into the palms of 
Someone who would always be
A stranger 
I was supposed to be a boy
Named David 
What a stunner 
Instead I was born an anchor
My backstories are burdens
Weighing lovers down
Positioning them on the run 
My hands tremble 
I jump before the trigger
My life is a thunderstorm 
And I twirl in it
I sleep in it
I breathe with stillness in it
Often my tears outdo it 
I was the bolt of lightening 
Shocking an unsuspecting island 
Making waves that never quit
Inked with marks of slits 
Upon each wrist 
It just is what it is 
I am what I am
I am a thunderstorm 
I am that rain, that wetness
Gliding downstream 
On your cheeks 
*From “make it rain Monday” on Kindred Words