The Throb of Inspiration

I breathe inside of you
Blowing in a single motion
Singing tunes
With a tongue twirling
Dissecting your demons
Licking my lips
After devouring their pieces
Sliding on my belly into your soul
Tweaking its thesis
Cracking my fervent whip
Feel the sensations shift
Your homegrown pain
Has been severed and displaced
As I inch my inspiration
From your soul to your mind
I’ll be your muse
Instructing words to woo
Dripping desire down your spine
Eager is your hand to write
I’m throbbing and knocking
Sit down
And listen




Already we’re
so high
Above the worries that grip me so tight
Confines of anxiety
Turn into shapes
Of alligators and snakes
The sky now holds my pain
It feels weightless
And I give it a name
And disperse her pieces
Far below
Ashes to the ocean