Kitty and Pepper 

Kitty and Pepper

Savoring nine lives 
Shaken outside the black and white 
Hiding far beyond the boundary lines 
Kitty and Pepper 
Cuz two is so much grander 
Than the one 
Cooing dove
Now lurking with a partner 
Diving into unknown worlds underground
Stealth movements 
Back to back 
Absent of sound 
Taking on the beasts that roam
Transforming into wolves 
Under the full moon
Claws out 
Eyes cut
No need to read between the lines
Kitty and Pepper 
are after you 
Straight up
Overblown city boy 
Ego feeds on what he destroys
Guess who’s waiting at your 
Wanna play?
The oozing cuteness
He can’t resist
While one distracts
The other reconstructs 
In a flash ego boy is done 
The mysterious huntress
Leashed to her Kitty cat 
Snap out of your petty fantasy
These aren’t the girls next door 
Hiss! Crack! 
We’re your scariest nightmare 
So play nice
Or it’ll be claws in your back. 

Mind Cage


Mind cage

Like snorting glue
I inhaled your every word
Sticky verbs
Clinging to the verge
Of the sweet nothings
Loaded with
Your promises
Piecing together my hollow casket
Falling right through
To the abyss of your craziness
Taping gushing knuckles
Fighting my way out
Climbing mountains
From illusionary molehills
Never deserving of your prize
Until you needed me smiling at your side
Ring ring…
Not anymore
Spurred up with silver queens
I will feast on self made treats
My cage is now your pen
Barking in your stench and soil
Selling fools gold to the ignorant mind
Poor pretty things
Shackled in your circus strings
I’m moving higher
Freed from the mind cage
Leaving behind a life of chaos
and disaster