Heating Silence  


The x-rated 
We hold 
Closely to our chests

Heartbeats racing insanely 
To a hot pink velvet rush
You covered me in crystals
Too sharp for me to touch
The object of our attention
Became an obstacle
Tip toeing around 
Times we’d rather not mention
The waving elephant
In the center of the room
Smiling like she’s not there
As we suffocate on an awkward air
All of what we hold inside 
Becomes venomous and bare 
Breathe it in
And blankly stare
Pretending it never happened
As the elephant just stomps and cheers. 
Can’t we just talk about…
What happened over there?



Why is it so hard to be alone

So painful
Like a stinging nettle grasping my bones
Some days it collapses my frame
And ill never understand it
Instead I live with it
These traumatic incidences
That push me further outside the fences
Watching others parade around inside
Switching partners in misinformed lines
The dogs bite my wings
And I’m off flying again
To land in another meadow
Alone I stay, alone I go
Misery is not my company
Neither is happiness
I step along the stones of shifting circumstances
Yet always waiting
For hands.