Oh professor hello
My! my! how the suit 
Is followed by my eyes 
While your hand is at the white board
The fundamentals of Psychology…
Oh, how interesting 
Would you like to analyze me?
I bet I’ll blow your…
After class, after hours
In my mini skirt 
And cherry sucker 
White blouse 
With snap buttons
Hair in a messy bun
Nice and warm 
Like bread from the oven
Hello, how do you do?
No ring on your finger
Are you single too?
Laughs and holler backs
Bending over 
Filling my glass
Extra credit?
Let me be your star student
Cherry sucker
Come a little closer
Have you figured me out yet?
Not by a long shot 
I’ll need you to fill in
All my late night appointments
Oh! the nice long couch of a therapist 
And all the extra credit 
Professor is willing to give 

Bite Me 

Invite me in

Oh please Ms…
Will you return again?
Yes to clean
Spick and span
Say please and don’t demand
Just admit
You’d like to see 
The bend and arch
As I wash and starch
Take a break to eat 
An apple washed clean!
A treat for me…
To devour 
An instant flicker
From submissive
To empowered “Ms.”
The core of dominance 
Lick my whip
I’m a tasty tigress
Aw…No leash? 
How sweet…
No thanks 
The twist of the stem
Has you begging for a limb 
You and your dwarfs 
Can feast on chores 
Spit me out 
I no longer mold into submission
I was weak in that position
Now I crave 
The touch of fire and pain 
That naive little ribbon
And blue country dress
Can stay behind and spoil 
The mouth is so much sweeter
In the flavor of bondage and leather. 

Dangling Dreams


Life’s a tease on a string
Dangling my dreams
Here…look how pleasant!
Yet immediately following the introduction,
Hands are bound, unable to feel the destination
So I shut out the distance
Camouflaged in my jungle of ecstasy
I slurp an erotic binge off my desired pleasantries
Welcome welcome into the trees elation
Stalk, bend, find and feed me
In between the leaves on knees Feasting for you
Sink me into the mud
Concealing my skin with your persistent touch
Don’t go away
Don’t make it stop
Pull me in
Gravitate me toward heaven
Wet and blissful
Eat your fantasies by the mouthful
Nothing else matters
Dreams in the distance
Dangle with resistance
So I create my own
A tiger not meant to be caged
Ravenous with hunger and ready to play
Are you coming?



SG’s Red Ribbon Submission

At our first connection
My body trembled
Magic had drawn her bow
And pierced me
Now I’m sweating all over your scars
As they touch onto mine
With a body so ferocious
Yet warmly sublime
I’m high and I’m hooked
With my thighs locked around your hips
Dripping love in unison
Kissing lips potency
Unzipping your majesty
Commanding every quiver of me
Until we collapse in euphoria
Waking wet dew drops in the morning
Where you spilled my honey
Bed sheets ruffled
I lick the scent from below your tummy
Just to bask in another taste
I’ll be drunk off you all day
Yes, from you
Your grace
In my mind repeated images
Of my mouth inhaling your liquid
My tongue circling my lips
Tasting our yesterday
The tingle of purge remains
Is it time yet daddy…
Your dolls yearning to play