Dark Corners 

Dark Corners 

I found you in a dark corner
Alone and scarred
Believing yourself undeserving 
I came from a dark place too
So tired and bruised 
Strong was the desire to be the water for you
Have what you need
I love you 
I want you in my forever
You said it was possible 
Then she returned 
And our grown flesh was 
Once again dried bones 
Why would you tell me
You have to sit and be with her 
Then asking me to wait 
Lick the scrap from your dinner plates? 
No thanks 
I couldn’t help but love you
You couldn’t help but pull away
These recycled patterns
Will keep us in dark corners
Day after day 

It’s In These Eyes…

Its In These Eyes, Eyes That Sweep

The days that beat
like the sun that burns the flesh so sweet, 
with rays of heat that melt 
skin deep.

The afternoon delights
Secretly spied
From a lonely park bench 
carving a dream.

The night in peace, 
patching the souls grief
with a song the moon sings,
while hanging low 
before to weep.

The sight of love
that fills the gaps in life,
where pictures arrive
inside the minds keep.

All the hate that drags,
inside a sorrow that pulls,
when all is cast in the net of thought
an endless night of no sleep.

The night sky black as coal,
the blue it feels rains teardrops 
with millions of lonely stars,
Seeing grins and reaping grim. 

Lost in a world of plethora 
to see, to feel, to discover 
it’s in these eyes,
eyes that sweep.

A duet by the minds of (my genius friend) Ax and Souldiergirl. 

Thank you for the honor Ax 

Young again

IMG_7607 (2)

Foundations built on lies

The sky is blue

You convinced me it was white

Now having eyes of my own

Like a baby being born

I am happy to be young again

Two were to become one

But you chose to blend with the rest of them

And scatter me to the sea

A burned lovers ashes

Sinking down to the fishes

But I rose to the surface

With hair of babies breath

And eyes of wonderment

I am happy to be young again

Cleansed from your darkness

Redefining what beautiful is