It’s In These Eyes…

Its In These Eyes, Eyes That Sweep

The days that beat
like the sun that burns the flesh so sweet, 
with rays of heat that melt 
skin deep.

The afternoon delights
Secretly spied
From a lonely park bench 
carving a dream.

The night in peace, 
patching the souls grief
with a song the moon sings,
while hanging low 
before to weep.

The sight of love
that fills the gaps in life,
where pictures arrive
inside the minds keep.

All the hate that drags,
inside a sorrow that pulls,
when all is cast in the net of thought
an endless night of no sleep.

The night sky black as coal,
the blue it feels rains teardrops 
with millions of lonely stars,
Seeing grins and reaping grim. 

Lost in a world of plethora 
to see, to feel, to discover 
it’s in these eyes,
eyes that sweep.

A duet by the minds of (my genius friend) Ax and Souldiergirl. 

Thank you for the honor Ax