Feel Me 

I burn to run 

…Straight to you 

My desire spreads like a wildfire

And I am being torched alive 

The wind carries my ashes

…once fingertips

Covering your darkness

Cloaking you in shadows bliss

Placing feeling where I wish I could be

Being kissed by my ferocious breeze

Through time and destiny

Twisted tales of tortured beings

Somehow managed to converge …and be

A curse to feel yet a gift to me! 




As my body melts into water

Sucked up by a quenching sun

Raining a universe away

To the place where you stand

For you to feel me

Once again

Even if it is just as a raindrop

…on your hand 


Never let go 

Mile upon mile 
My love piggybacks on a twisting spiral 
An essence through the atmosphere 
Scattering shades from heaven 
Angelic tunes tinted with euphoric blue
Watercoloring your morning horizon
I want you to know where I stand 
No matter the gaps of earthly space 
That climb and stretch in between 
The physical us
May you hear my voice spilling upon you
The truth is I am right there
The flower in your palm
The breeze licking your skin
I have never let go
Since the moment we began