Play for Me 

Play for me

A song that morph’s…

A symphony

Rapture my thoughts 

Into a featherweight melody

Let me sit alongside you

As we flow our poetry

Into the magic of 

Black and white keys 

My head on your shoulder

Soothe this fallen souldier 

Oh acoustic warrior!

Play for me

Tangling beats with 

The bodies harmony

Gushing in an emotion

So wildly

Only by you 

Who can truly feel

My unsung tune

…The hues that spin 

My unkempt moods

I long to hear them too!

Play for me

And I…

Will melt for you 


Bite Me 

Invite me in

Oh please Ms…
Will you return again?
Yes to clean
Spick and span
Say please and don’t demand
Just admit
You’d like to see 
The bend and arch
As I wash and starch
Take a break to eat 
An apple washed clean!
A treat for me…
To devour 
An instant flicker
From submissive
To empowered “Ms.”
The core of dominance 
Lick my whip
I’m a tasty tigress
Aw…No leash? 
How sweet…
No thanks 
The twist of the stem
Has you begging for a limb 
You and your dwarfs 
Can feast on chores 
Spit me out 
I no longer mold into submission
I was weak in that position
Now I crave 
The touch of fire and pain 
That naive little ribbon
And blue country dress
Can stay behind and spoil 
The mouth is so much sweeter
In the flavor of bondage and leather.