I run down like spilled paint

A sadness encompassed with a dark past

A fragile present gripping an ancient spyglass

Bones through skin hunt and pretend to predict

A future floating stagnant in a forgotten wasteland


I heard you tell me it would all pass

A shudder through my tired frame then back

A pallid skinned circus haunt on a round track

Voice empty of reason and scratched

A desert hothouse with the promise blotted out


Yet still your words ricochet around my dilapidated heart

An ever present reminder, honor unintended from the start

The blue skies now a cotton lining all white

I close my eyes to yesterday, torching it from memory

My view lacks the distance to hope for more than this night


You come around in love with the scandal

And run your hands over its coarse edged lead lines

Slow poison in the blood, something I never understood

Can’t call it love or benevolence, oh no not this

Take it all away and leave me with the emptiness

*By two minds: Johnny and SG 

Of Words 

Tell me again that this feeling will subside
When the words refuse to sit on the pages
And all I know to do is let the dizzy take me in
I fall into a deep and enslaving melody
Swaying and shaking, encompassing every fiber in me

I cannot pause to think

Nor mute these letters that come alive through your ink
It’s a storm-driven string of hell in my hands
The perfect arrangement, a symphonic demise
And the way life takes us into demonic stuttering eyes
I cannot look away, I must purge my pen of this write

Releasing pent up sounds

Last response to your haunting chains
Clanging brash in trebles and hooks
Enough darkness to fill every book
To give everything up like swept away
If I let it all go, will this feeling decay?

This piece is created from the minds of the marvelous and ridiculously talented Johnny and myself, Souldiergirl.