Dancers Exiting Fear 

**My part of the ABC challenge. Thank you Rich for creating this fun challenge with me!


Delightfully delicate dancers

Dreaming daringly

Denouncing distant despair

Entwined effortlessly

Especially enthralled

Enveloping evenings exhale 

Forgetting fragility

Forgoing fear


Fantastic freedom!


Feathers from Fear


You take me…                                       to new heights

You raise me…                                    to tree tops                                 Gazing at … moon drops 
Naming the stars for me 
Calling me…serenity
But soon… do I realize
This necklace is a collar
This collar is your fingers 
Muzzling me to death
Stifling every breath 
I shared my heart with you!
I unlocked my voice                        …and all I went through
Yet you behave just like the rest…
Holding me out from safety 
Teasing to drop me
Freely…into nothing 
Then- pulling me in and asking…
“How are you feeling?”
I shudder to a revealed illusion 
You should wear your                     God granted honor,                          like you wear a suit and tie
….Ironed and tight-                        with head held high 
Do not speak the word “love”
As you simultaneously squish           …my being like a bug
A pest under your foot
You think I will go along with that?
I will rise up!
And have my own back
I fly down this tree
Like a swift kitty cat
Keep your plastic alibis 
Keep my tears that lived in me       and…died in your hands
Keep it all!
I am gone 
Faster…                                                      than you can stand.

My X-Ray 

If you unzipped me 

I often wonder
Would you love what you see?
Beyond the outward splendor 
Into the inward being of 
Chaotic construction 
The broken tracks 
Leading into diagonals
The cats game of tic tac toe 
Angel demon angel sucker  
Bullets packed 
With loaded questions 
Deaf to outsiders 
Fairies on fire 
And feral wolves roaming 
With fangs longer than machetes
Never trimmed back or denied
Woods hidden with treasures 
Meadows and a single blackbird
Scrutinizing from an ivory tower
A golden sun 
Who’s ink melts and runs
Colliding into Saturn’s moons 
Colors high on acid  
Trap doors and mazes
Fueled from the gut of blackness
Eyes glowing like fireflies in a fortress
Watch your step
Are you hesitant?
Kitty likes to have her back scratched
She purrs before she bites back
Claws out
Inside me, it is about surviving
Relentlessly readied for an attack
Do you still love me?
It’s not so pretty
In the swamp of messy
It’s hot lava and it hates drama
There’s a goddess with ruby eyes
But you might have to die
Before you ever arrive 
Will you unzip me?
Will you press your lips inside of me?
Or will you cry panic in the streets, 
With all the other timid beasts?  

Bonds and Barricades


Bonds and Barricades
Formatted between us
As we swing inside our separate cages
Battling the internal wars that wage
Splicing the dice that has been thrown
For once in our favor
Yet we dissect it at every angle
Our first instinct of behavior
For so long we’ve lived as solo survivors
Then one day
We happened upon each other
I stumbled into your homegrown auxiliary shelter
Buried in the whiteness of winter
Stuck like snow
Addicted to your bones
Fickle fears feed our minds
So engaged, yet wounded from a past life
Of feeling estranged
Loners in a land of evidence
Losing the facts within our own hands
Accustomed to the give and sway
Attached to being left in the fray
I’m longing to dive from my cage
I’m longing to come with you and stay
If our scar tissue is all that remains
Let us blend this resistance
Before we kiss the grave