My words are an island 

My heart is the ocean
I’m an alien alien 
My womb is an eagle
Adorned with her feathers
I’m home again, home again
My feet are barbed wire 
My mind is the protector 
My eyes are an erotic thriller
My brain is the trailer
Where the pitchfork holds the farmer
He’s free again, free again
My tail is a peach 
Plucked from a tree
The atom pierces me, pierces me 
My breasts are a stream 
My lips are preened 
I’m an alien alien  
Transposed in your dream 
The world is on fire and I am its Queen
Perhaps you have wondered
Perhaps you have seen
The streets are foreigners 
And morning 
…is not what it seems  



I’m contemplating

Looking into your eyes

While I tell you your answers
While I coverup my secrets 
While I wash my face again 
And coverup my sins 
My youth burning brakes against
The daily process of growing age
I’m rarely what you see 
Or what you think
The heat that succumbs you 
Thinking it will never leave
Is condensed into one bead 
Of sweat against your t-shirt 
In the morning it has left you 
And when you ask you wait 
For me to tell you
How it is I never cry