Open House 


Couples splatter the halls

Like paint in a gallery 
I pass them alone 
In my blouse and tie 
The makeup of father and mother 
…Is the permanent marker of me 
Their looks and snide remarks
Can take a seat
The concerned faces 
Yes- I do see
I look back just as proud 
As her and he 
I boldly stand for my children
With an armor doubled
In love and admiration
I am not here for subtle condemnation 
I am here…
One hundred percent,
for them. 
Art by my daughter Elisabeth :))

Red Palms 

The room fills

So dark and heavy
The screams lurk
Absorbed and steady
The second I turn away
You lunge and hit me 
Your hands on my bare back
Slapping so violently
Like everything you have buried
And I’m the bullseye for your mental 
I thought we were past this?
You know what,  I’m so damn sick 
Of looking over my shoulder 
It’s a guess of what to expect 
An apologetic hug or
The rage of your fists. 

Mama Bear


Mama bear
With eyes of steel
Forged in the dungeon
of self protection
Can no longer lean on the comfort of self mutilation
Or the escape
of sniffing powdered lines of elation
Given three angels to raise with a raw affection
She is the rain for them
May they evolve with sharpened blades of intuition
She is the sun for them
May they feel the light emerge from a darkened past
She arms her heart and home
She raises them alone
A protector from skin to bones
Never having been in love
Until the arrival of her first son
Everything changed
Every sacrifice made
Thickened into a mama bear
Her love that feeds and protects
Is the same love
You should fear