She breaks down 

He arrives in an instant 

…to her flood of wrenching pain

He knows 

He holds her

His love is ever so gentle

…She is his treasure  

He is the calm in her storm 

He would never leave her 

Even when she pushed and clawed 


My heart in my throat 

As I sat kitty corner in my chair 

Observing love conquer 

She had crowned his heart 

And I found myself silently weeping 

To be one to witness 

…a tender and true love as this 

And as my tears talked a little louder 

They did not even notice

For they were long sunk 

Into the arms 

…of each other 



Just like Us 


Nestled in your lap

Lying in the coldness

No one else is here

Sounds of midnight twinkle like stars

The ones we cannot see

Hiding beyond a distracted city

Whose jealous buildings compete to meet the sun

And are melted before they ever do

Tonight I am one with you

We need not search for words

Our connection screams to rise

Upon those buildings where the birds nests hide

In the shadowed corners

Just like us

A pair of eternal friends and lovers

Curled into the secret of each other

A small drifting pocket

Against the eyes of the universe

Just me

Just you



Upon these cotton blankets
My head falls
Tired and wasted
I smell you like you never left
A hundred sentences
Composed from one breath 
The flicker of a memory 
A single droplet
Composed from one symphony
A sadness washes over me
Unattended now
Hushing echoes of my soliloquy



Skyscrapers in the wind 


We are skyscrapers in the wind

Forged In the center of a hurricane
Collided as one we bend  
Tell me you love me
Let me feel your hand 
Let our flesh melt into eachother 
As the harpist leads the band
Calmly sinking below sea level
Their music resonates in crystalline bubbles 
We rise faster and faster 
As triumph outruns disaster 
Tell me you love me 
Melt your words into my skin
I can no longer hear the music 
Yet the harp is in my hands 


Weeping Willow 


I thought I was the only one

The only one in your mind
The only one in your hands
The only one you cry for
The one who understands 
My soul sinks into the underworld
Smudged in its own meekness 
I cannot outshine her darkness 
My heart slips into your envelopes
I do not want to share you anymore 
You think of her 
You cry for her 
You play her violin
I draw my bow
With broken fingertips 
discovering your tears 
On another’s skin 



I’m getting lost tonight

My eyes close to the fray
Opening in a moonlit symphony 
Where magic frolics to Bach’s play
I loved so hard 
Like when the house is built 
My love protects and surrounds
You promised to paint my walls and grow truth from faults 
I loved so hard 
You chipped the colors and slammed the door
Hands grabbing shambles
I swear to love…never again! 
While wounded blisters coat the skin
Along my window-seat
I ponder how love became an enemy
Unable to latch it down 
My imagination lifts it up 
Painting the skies 
In a far off place 
To be a portrait 
of an unwilling grave 

Never let go 

Mile upon mile 
My love piggybacks on a twisting spiral 
An essence through the atmosphere 
Scattering shades from heaven 
Angelic tunes tinted with euphoric blue
Watercoloring your morning horizon
I want you to know where I stand 
No matter the gaps of earthly space 
That climb and stretch in between 
The physical us
May you hear my voice spilling upon you
The truth is I am right there
The flower in your palm
The breeze licking your skin
I have never let go
Since the moment we began 


Long has been the day

When summer soothed the breast of autumn 
Will you
Bring our plants back to life again?
I’m dazed and flushed
Off everything that could have been
Like the tin man 
Searching for what I never knew I had 
I see you in every shard of glass
Crystals splitting colors within the dark 
As leftover memories provoke my heart 

Silly Boys 


Silly boys 
Play games 
Not with toys
With me
Are they oblivious?
Are they serious?
The bell has rung
Oh goodie! It’s my turn 
“One man please!”
-The last one just left 
-But we’ve plenty of boys ma’am 
“No and no thanks” 
I’ve been up to my breasts
In one liners, immature negotiators, 
Lust takers masked as matured lovers 
and honey I can tell you
Age ain’t nothin but a number
He’s either a man or still a boy at 37
Promise breakers, mamas boys
Aww…did you forget your bottle?
-Wait my still at mommies
Fold please?
No and no thanks 
Hmm…what about her?
Yeah that little sweetface over there
The one with the subtle curls
It’s been a long time
But there are no laws in attraction
The quilt I’ve made from boys 
Is frozen and dead
I just want some good love
I’ll take her hand instead