My heart has ruptured all over this page

My eyes are opened to a future
The week after next
I will perform on their stage
To free pent up emotions
To spring a heart from her cage
I dance to a rhythm that continues to change
I bite down on wisdom that precedes me in age 
The hammer was struck with the words you onced waged
And my soul has been tattered with nails from that day
I will remove each splinter and be numb to the pain
I will cleanse the hurt with oils and sage
I will powder my nose and pretty this face
I will be shy, I will be brave
I will release Mariposa
…from the flocks of their gaze.

Play for Me 

Play for me

A song that morph’s…

A symphony

Rapture my thoughts 

Into a featherweight melody

Let me sit alongside you

As we flow our poetry

Into the magic of 

Black and white keys 

My head on your shoulder

Soothe this fallen souldier 

Oh acoustic warrior!

Play for me

Tangling beats with 

The bodies harmony

Gushing in an emotion

So wildly

Only by you 

Who can truly feel

My unsung tune

…The hues that spin 

My unkempt moods

I long to hear them too!

Play for me

And I…

Will melt for you 




I am talking about fire

And the fire is me

Yearning to be

A flame wrapped around a naked heart and fiending soul

An inescapable thought 

A tethered girl 

To an eager Palm

The swagger of a sweating sword 

Raging a war 

To get to me

I will not apologize 

For craving to be desired  

Wanted like there is no seconds

To pause this 

Habit of attraction

Did fairy tales come from real stories

Or desperate wishes on frantic stars

Dropping pictures onto lusting pages

All I know

Is the palpitations in my heart

Rush then halt!

Now enters…the other part

The beings flame is dimming 

Come rush and fly to me

To consume real love 

We must be



Silly Boys 


Silly boys 
Play games 
Not with toys
With me
Are they oblivious?
Are they serious?
The bell has rung
Oh goodie! It’s my turn 
“One man please!”
-The last one just left 
-But we’ve plenty of boys ma’am 
“No and no thanks” 
I’ve been up to my breasts
In one liners, immature negotiators, 
Lust takers masked as matured lovers 
and honey I can tell you
Age ain’t nothin but a number
He’s either a man or still a boy at 37
Promise breakers, mamas boys
Aww…did you forget your bottle?
-Wait my still at mommies
Fold please?
No and no thanks 
Hmm…what about her?
Yeah that little sweetface over there
The one with the subtle curls
It’s been a long time
But there are no laws in attraction
The quilt I’ve made from boys 
Is frozen and dead
I just want some good love
I’ll take her hand instead 

Eye Rock You


My eyes…

Deducing your slouch
Back corner
Cigarette dangling down
Lids drawn like blinds
Table scribbles with tired hands
I sense anxiety choking like a corset
You and I baby
Wear depression like a headdress 
My feathers are humming rhymes for two
Heart beat drums, right on cue 
Seductions soprano
Climbing faster 
Than the timid alto
My lips press and smile
I’ll cover the cost of confidence 
For the both of us
I hear your heavy tunes of sadness
But…why can’t we escalate  
The Bach and switch to jazz?
Just one dance…
Hands on my hips
Top floor corner room
Smoking please
No need for introductions 
Sit back and I’ll play you for the evening 
My body will sway with your rhythm and blues 
Moaning and blowing 
Your trumpet til morning 
Your somber stance 
Already livening up
You got number one on the track  
So hit play and let go
My eye rock you melody
And this one, is for you baby 



Oh professor hello
My! my! how the suit 
Is followed by my eyes 
While your hand is at the white board
The fundamentals of Psychology…
Oh, how interesting 
Would you like to analyze me?
I bet I’ll blow your…
After class, after hours
In my mini skirt 
And cherry sucker 
White blouse 
With snap buttons
Hair in a messy bun
Nice and warm 
Like bread from the oven
Hello, how do you do?
No ring on your finger
Are you single too?
Laughs and holler backs
Bending over 
Filling my glass
Extra credit?
Let me be your star student
Cherry sucker
Come a little closer
Have you figured me out yet?
Not by a long shot 
I’ll need you to fill in
All my late night appointments
Oh! the nice long couch of a therapist 
And all the extra credit 
Professor is willing to give 

Bite Me 

Invite me in

Oh please Ms…
Will you return again?
Yes to clean
Spick and span
Say please and don’t demand
Just admit
You’d like to see 
The bend and arch
As I wash and starch
Take a break to eat 
An apple washed clean!
A treat for me…
To devour 
An instant flicker
From submissive
To empowered “Ms.”
The core of dominance 
Lick my whip
I’m a tasty tigress
Aw…No leash? 
How sweet…
No thanks 
The twist of the stem
Has you begging for a limb 
You and your dwarfs 
Can feast on chores 
Spit me out 
I no longer mold into submission
I was weak in that position
Now I crave 
The touch of fire and pain 
That naive little ribbon
And blue country dress
Can stay behind and spoil 
The mouth is so much sweeter
In the flavor of bondage and leather.