Bio: I dedicate this site to my daughter, Isabelle, my best friend who I miss with every breath and within each second. Isabelle passed away 7 years ago and I have yet to process it. She is hidden so far down inside, but little by little she is speaking to me and I am digging in to find the strength to truly allow myself to grieve the loss of my baby girl. I know I will never be whole again, but I do I believe the hurting heart buried in my chest can feel the warmth of healing. I am also dedicating this site to my Joe, my brother. Joseph Michael-Big J. I am very fresh in this loss that sitting here I can feel the anger and nausea rising up to my throat as it tightens. This is where I SCREAM. WHY?! My brother was young, handsome, funny-hilarious actually-freaking amazing human being. I am his “little sis” he called me “little K”. I always wanted to be like my brother-I remember him pushing me on his skateboard-I remember him teaching me how to peg my pants-yep-long ago. I remember it all-33 years of a brother who was deep and a genius-a total love. Just about a year ago I said goodbye to my brother-brain dead and breathing tubes. He was young, it was not expected. His wife is a widow at 32 years. I am in shock, denial, honestly, I am pissed- really pissed that I’ve met death again. Why him..why him… I started this blog to help process my grief- to help me start sharing about my daughter and to make it so I don’t forget about my brother. To scream- to shout- cry-tell stories-express through words and photographs. My life is a little hectic, so when I can’t stomach to talk about my grief-I’ll share other stuff, my past life craziness, lessons learned, badges earned- raising two gorgeous children on my own. Dark days, good days, bad days, super dark days, just tiny steps and then sometimes insane leaps on the journey…of me. Xo -SG

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  1. Your space here is powerful. Full of emotions; great people and thoughts. Who would not love what is here? You inspire many with your words.You can be a faithful friend.May you star keep shining ever brightly every day!


    1. Hi Charlie 🙂 I jusy had to go away for a little while. Some stuff was going on and I needed to clear my head. I’m back and so proud of what I’ve seen on your site. Forever genius!

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      1. Yes I’m ok. Just needed to sort out some things and you know how life gets. Never really gets sorted out 😉 happy to be back and see what you’ve done! Yay!


    1. Awww sis!! I’ve been meaning to email you to make sure you were ok if i still visit your site. I want to be respectful, so I am so so happy to see your beautiful face here! Oh my heart soars. Thank you 😊💗💗💗

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      1. Are you kidding me????? That is the most wonderful happening when you come to visit me, Sister! No matter, how long you have been gone you are always so very welcome. It brings such a bright smile to my face to see you. I really missed you 💖💖💖

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  2. This kind of pain burns right in the center of the heart, there is no wholeness when there is a hole. Missing pieces that can never be replaced, a incomplete puzzle that’s only completed when we meet them in the next life. My heart extends itself as I share this same hole in my life. It’s only through walking it through to the end no matter where it takes us. The blessings come from sharing what we experience in our own lives that helps others live with theirs. Blessings from a fellow soul-journer.

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    1. Thank you so much for being here and being brave enough to share your grief. I am so sorry for your hole. I know awful they hurt. I am here for you too and your right it had helped me to share as well as listen to others and know I’m not alone. It can feel so overwhelming at times. Blessings to you as well and stay in touch soul-journer 💗

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  3. I don’t know why I never read this. My heart sank reading this and I am so sorry for your losses. I can’t imagine. I love the way you go deep, this is very powerful and will help you along with so many others. You are such a beautiful soul~ xoxoxoxox love you~


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  5. Hey you, I just need to say that you were the first person I connected with you here, and I was provocative, and pushy and hopefully genteel in the mix, but nevertheless, you became my friend, and I am always grateful when you cross my mind. I wish you only love!

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  6. I just read a poem of yours that hit home. We lost a child, one of twins, over thirty years ago. It’s not something you ‘get over’ because in truth to forget feels like a betrayal but you won’t always feel as bad as you do now. I will publish a poem of mine Grief on my site shortly that expresses this better.

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