Sorrows Flight

I am naked and skin

Dissolving into the cracks

That lead me back

To a tiny casket

A love turned black

I begin to lose sleep

Just like back then

An ever haunting fear

It will happen


Then…I breathe

I have no control

Pretending I do

Has worn me thin

I look at my youngest

Joyful to the fullest

Her magical essence

Shifts my perspective

She transforms

The pain in our faces

For I still have

Three precious angels

Though they may be


In different spaces

37 thoughts on “Sorrows Flight

      1. just do not go down that rabbit hole. heard a friend of mine had died. another lies waiting for death . she let them take everything from her her money her freedom it got too hard to live.


  1. Hi, out of topic question, what is SOULFUL STUFF… in your site? I got some referrers from there, just wanted to know, first time seeing it 😁


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