Saving my Place

Why don’t you ever listen

When I shout?

With both

Palms out

No one came


I saved



I have learned to stand when all I wanted was to fall. I have learned the intense pain of growth.

When I did not think I could make it alone, I dug in with claws like shovels.

I forged new roots and though I still often tumble… my heart knows the fears I have conquered.

And each day, fast or slow, I continue to move forward..

Our stories, our healing, our falling, our growing

Our individual rocks

Continuing to form our unique foundations.

❤all my love and gratitude to each one of you❤

34 thoughts on “Saving my Place

  1. Throught these trials in your life, you’d learned a very important lesson, that you only have Y-O-U, to count on, because there’s NOBODY else who can help you out, when you’re going through these trials of your own life…and you’d become, self-reliiant in the process!

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  2. And saved it you most certainly have Kristin. The love you have created is built by those very things you’ve had to face. We feel drained and tired after going through and enduring much pain, but that is because of what you have now built within. That self love is the opening to life.
    Nothing can be stronger, loving and more beautiful than a heart that has learned to sing…our own song ❤ 😀
    I hear you kind lady ❤


  3. You have such strength within you. I can’t imagine what you went through
    and here you are…conquering your fear and climbing higher than ever, to create poetry and have us readers feel connected with you and support you through it all. Beautifully well written and deeply moving poem.


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