See Through Soul

In between the grey

There are moments

Of your sun

Melting down

…my walls

Showing off

…my soul

Leaving our eyes

Opened and exposed

I tremble with

A birthed recognition

…your hand curled into mine

Is this what


Feels like

In between the grey

A scorching healing

Takes me

To my knees

In a pocket of time

Hardened walls

…Finally cry

75 thoughts on “See Through Soul

  1. Your magic has never diminished. It waits for the exact moment, the right words, the soulful emotions and then pounces causing that catch in the breath and ascent to dreams.

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    1. You are so wonderful D. Thank you. You’re right it does wait for the right words. So often I feel frustrated that things/words are stuck inside but then, usually unexpected, they began to flow out and it’s hard to do anything else 🙂 I appreciate you so much.

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  2. Now there is a wise heart…and a more tender one too. Beautifully written my friend ❤
    I thought it had gone quiet so I came for a look, and of course I haven't been receiving your posts. I've re-followed (again), see if it works this time 😀


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