Our Lullabies 

​ I remember when I got high

And placed my head into the lap of your lost lullabies 
the kind that sing about the cloaked corners of life

Mama’s sad and daddy’s gone 
Hush little darling, the tears will stop before long 
The moon is on the slow rise 
The sun is losing sleep with dark eyes 
I know your Idling in the repeat of black days
But the solitude of the desolate cocoon 
Is just a nap before growth pushes you through 
Hush little darling, the tears will stop before long 
Soon you will be in the sky with me 
Unearthing lullabies 
Of how the butterfly came to be


136 thoughts on “Our Lullabies 

      1. Trying to catch up on some sleep and household stuff. I appreciate these rainy days where the kids are snuggled and the house is semi calm…until they start fighting;)) how are you today my friend?

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  1. There are no words for that connection…but from your heart, that is another matter altogether.
    Your hearts words are a butterflies cry from deep within…loved, but lost….and found again.
    Rebirth is our path as we go through and touch our many hearts, to finally find that love within that we have always looked for ❤
    Are you reborn my butterfly?

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      1. It is a big journey Kristin. But when we all finally come back within ourselves, the beauty really begins to shine. There will be hiccups, but they will give us an appreciation of that journey, and a self love for what this journey is all about.
        Big hugs beautiful lady…for you, and that lovely heart growing within ❤ ❤ xo

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  2. Took me five minutes to pull out one thought after this; so many evocative images all mingling into one, tied up so neatly into a new package.

    You little phoenix, you…. Love it, a lot. Now I’ll think of you as a Phoenix Butterfly….


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  3. Such wonderful beauty and deep emotions here, Sisterheart. I love the idea of the butterfly’s rebirth. And I know the significance it has to you. Love you, Beautiful Warrioress. 💜

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  4. gm the spirit said that you too dealt with more than the deaths of your brother ala mary aka binty and your child. your ex or current husband is like chriss shit nutz. i love you kristen for what it s worth . keep writing. keep being.

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  5. This is beautiful SG.. and I felt your heart.. Love to you and know each obstacle we overcome helps strengthen us.. And it takes a lot of effort to come out of our cocoon and stretch our wings … But that freedom of flight is amazing once we have transformed.. ❤ xxx

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  6. Fabulous post and so deep and moving from within your ❤️ and memories of feelings within not yet gone but moving still until the pain recedes then all will be well again and your life will come alive just as before but better still as you have no more to hide … Ian X In my prayers now and always … 🙏

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      1. I was so glad I had read this and replied, Soul.
        I tend to play catch up on weekends but miss posts more than I should. Take care, wrap your arms around yourself, giving a virtual hug to you, dear heart. 💞 xo


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