Peace from Pieces 

​I would really like a piece 

of your peace
That you carry with you everyday
Over your shoulder, in the ease of your smile
My burdens turn steps into miles
While you turn stones into water
Just give it over, give it over
…You say
To hold it does not serve you
…You say
As you dance above the fray
Adding hours to an elusive day
Sunshine upon a sunken face
My tear drops turn into storms
While you make roses from thorns
I would really like a piece
of your peace
Just give it over, give it over
…You say
As a weight is lifted from my shoulders
And I slowly melt into to the falling waters
While you make peace from pieces
Taking the heaviness from your daughter
Turning sorrow into laughter 

* thank you my WordPress family, for welcoming me back with such love and kindness. Each one of you is a treasure to me. Love love love!!

105 thoughts on “Peace from Pieces 

      1. I means a lot to me to see you again, it really does. You catch up whenever you can ok? Don’t go worrying about me, your life is important.
        Just know that I’m always about to say hi to whenever. 🙂 xo

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      2. You are so kind Simon. I appreciate that a lot . I know our times are different so I’m not sure if your day is just beginning or ending or maybe somewhere in the middle:)..but I hope this finds you feeling happy and well. Xox

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      3. We’ll I’m guessing you’re in the east of the US like Cali, soniys your morning. Here it’s 7.19pm right now.
        It’s a shame we only catch each other morning and night. But at Leach I catch you x


  1. I’m so happy to see your kind sweet spirit back here. I love this poem. Turning thorns into roses- an inspiring way to be. I love that line. ❤️

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  2. It’s hard to express how good it makes me feel to see this, trooper. I’ve missed your spirit, & the words it gives itself, to feel, to heal, and to bloom. Welcome home….



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  3. Very well executed rhyme scheme. It helps add to the uncertainty of how our emotional mending begins and ends. Bless you for the honesty. I look forward to seeing more from you!

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  4. It has always been easy to love you my sister, your genuine and selfless heart…I would love to give you my peace…but all I can do is share a poem with you hugs and blessings always!

    Your Name

    Bring sweet joy
    into my world
    the likes of which
    I have never known

    Become a part
    of my inner being
    Never leaving my
    spirit alone

    Comfort me with
    your caring love
    bringing alive within
    me that subtle change

    So the only song my
    heart will know shall
    be the one which
    happily embraces your

    When God says your name he
    smiles and when you embrace
    his name his peace will always
    appear because he loves you and
    you are a priceless treasure to
    him! Have a beautiful day my

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    1. Omgoodness Wendell!! This is so beautiful..I can’t believe how blessed I am to come upon this beautiful writing of yours for me-encouraging me and reminding me of my Father! I have such thankful tears in the moment. You are such a gift Wendell. Thank you so much!


  5. this has a nice flow to it and the rhythm and pacing work quite well for the subject matter. I also really like the hopscotch rhyming pattern you do that separates it from the doggerel but still gives it a pattern.

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