Soldier On

Deeply moving piece, as are his other works.

The Lightning and The Fire

For the Girl who Soldiers On
an eagles feather to my heart
Symbolic in gesture
to kindle a spark
for we are all alone in this world
when the night becomes dark

Forgive me please
but I must embark
on your story
your glory
and the truth
It’s more me
it will ever be
about you

We are all on a journey we can’t comprehend
I write this simple art
to you my new
war torn friend

Hearts that ache in places
only select few can know
Pain replicated
daily with no outlet
and no

release valve mechanism
but it is in ART that we can heal
I know words are just words my Love
but behind the letters
something real

Our Creator made all birds of the sky
when the world was New
and I have watched an eagle fly
I promise it will…

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136 thoughts on “Soldier On

      1. Kristen… I’ve been thinking of you so much. I have wanted to reach out to you. I think the world of you. You inspire me in ways I can’t explain. Thank you about my pic. I have a few buddies who have messed with my pics. They keep changing them. Ugh… They are idiots… But make
        Me laugh. :). Finally changed my password. ;). Hope you’re doing well. I think of the poem you wrote for
        Your brother often. It’s touched me deeply ❤️. You’re so beautiful ❤️

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      2. Well you have another pic today- not sure if that was them or you, but it’s beautiful as always. You can reach out anytime. I adore you too. You are incredible. You’re so strong- I didn’t realize some of the things you’ve been through, when I read that poem about your sister- Im like- wtf. And here you are- still standing gorgeous and strong. Reminds me of that quote: “some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it” like a fire- your strength and inspiration spreads and I am happy to get burned ;)) xoxo ❤️


  1. Hi Poet Star….
    you are a bright soul, no doubt about that…
    A muse to many other poets … you should be proud… This was a beautiful tribute to you and very well written and stated. Sending much love xo. Aquileana

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      1. Thanks so much for your words dear star ⭐ You know how I admire your writing and your poetic-existentialist approach… thanks for being there to brighten up mu days/nights… Sending love. Aquileana 🙂

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  2. Hello! I don’t know why your post haven’t been showing up in the WP reader. I have been missing your powerful, and beautifully penned post! I pray you are well. Blessings and peace! 🙂


  3. going away .going today no answer death is all around some die quick in the blink of an eye
    some lose all kids marriage shop some die slowly in degrees. what a fucking pisser!


  4. death is a sting. and the thing is life is for the living. giving. respecting not repeating the past lest you cast not only doubt upon the waste of time for love laughs. but my friend it is too true order s to be kind cross my mind but my hunger does still linger and so at myself and you i point that finger. ciao!


  5. death is such a drag
    and in the end
    you go up
    you go down
    even a drunken son
    said the words i love you
    and i said it doesnt count if you re drunk
    he s coming around
    to the fact
    that love is in your blood
    blood the ties that bind
    the rna s the dnas
    glad to see your door back open
    may i never be such a hostile
    to a little dancer!

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      1. I’m glad to see you’re back. I thought you had gone for good. I’m pleased you’re doing well and I’m OK, dealing with ups and down. I’ve missed you my wonderful friend *hugs*
        Whats new in your life?

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      2. Always ups and downs isn’t there. Hugs to you! Nope not for good no way 😉. Not too much I don’t think..same roller coaster with kids going back to school, working, you know..trying to stay afloat through it all :)) yay you reconnecting Simon!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. There are ups and Downs and we all deal best we can. I have the sane sort of thing with work and kids and everything else. I’m pleased I reconnected with you. Outs good seeing you again. I should have emailed you… Sorry. I will soon. I’m just glad you’re about *huge hugs* to you Kristen xx

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  6. Hello my friend. Thank you for visiting. I was thinking of you yesterday. I haven’t been visiting much. I broke my L3 vertebrae in an accident with my daughter and she was unable to walk for months we’ve been healing. I thought of you in my prayers today. I send love and well wishes. I’ll be back soon! I love this share from F&G. Stirred up a lot of feelings I’ve been dealing with and holding. In a good way I believe all has a purpose even if we don’t know it till later. Blessings to you Miss SG. ❤️

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    1. Oh my goodness Michelle. I am so so sorry. That sounds really traumatic. Are you ok? I took a few months off so I haven’t been around either. Thank you for your prayers and visiting me. Sure hope you’re ok. Blessings to you and your precious daughter. Thinking of you sweet lady💗💗💗


      1. Aww well you’ve know idea how hearing from you has just bursted my heart into the sky! I hope the journey was only paused but not complete. I’ve missed you and your wisdom! You’re such a great friend to me Mark and truly appreciate everything.

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