The Voice in my Box


For many years 

debilitating thoughts 

made a home in my mind

No room at the inn, door locked 


I smiled in silence 

To an oblivious room 

All the while

My throat screaming 

For all the bad memories 

All the unfair nights

All the damn hurt!

the effects 

…and the cause 

Life played out and my lips 

….Obediently paused 


The drink of belief 

Made her way 

From my mouth to my feet 

Like a waking alien 

I have found my home again 

And all that was shrunken inside 

Lost the urgency to cling and hide 

Rising in hope

Yes this freedom speaks

Oh honey…

This freedom sings!

She flys on flames atop of wings

And the music is sweeter than ever 

My voice, my speakers

Reign out 

Bleeding a glorious color

Onto white corners 

of my 

…Newly born feathers. 




298 thoughts on “The Voice in my Box

  1. As usual, your imagery here is quite evocative – what I like best about this poem is the journey from confinement to the freedom (and I suspect thrill) of a bird, ready to test its new feathers and wings … of course I wish this bird all the best kinds of luck; but in the end, it seems here like you are closer to doing what you were meant to do, what it is natural for you to do, and for that I don’t think you’ll need very much luck at all 🙂

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  2. Each time She rises from Her ashes, She walks back into this world like a God. Trailing Phoenix down and Cinder.
    You are such an amazing and wonderful person, Shieldmaiden. So honored to be in a position to see the light coming off your spirit. It’s always there but, when you write like this it becomes blinding. Strong and powerful, just like you. Always fighting at your back, an flying your Banner from My Tent. I hope you can see it. ❤ love you.

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  3. ‘She flies on flames atop of wings….

    Speaking to those new feathers of hope………..this is pretty dang good SG. Lots of soul.. 😉

    If I may, here’s hoping the happiest of holidays to ya, and a new year wrapped in all the goodness you can handle 😉

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  4. Wonderful! Such a joyous and insightful confession of illumination; I must admit I smiled, and wept, the whole way through…. Your joy in new feathers will bring balance, and it will always be there in your center, to find when times are dark….

    I want to use this one for my poetry section, if that’s okay with you… If so, I’ll post it in a day or two…. I’d love for all my readers to see this one; it’s proof we CAN find peace, once we look in the right corners of our selves….

    Love it, and, you…..

    Stay strong, and happy, sister


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    1. I forgot to add: The pic at the end, with your quote on color, should get posted on Twitter, or one of those…. I’d wager serious money it would go viral almost instantly…. It’s true wisdom, and, should also someday show up in one of my posts, as a pearl…. if you will consent to my use of it….


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    2. gigoid you clothe me in the most beautiful words and emotions. I appreciate you so much. I am soul hugging you-grrr!!! You are very special to me-thank you for being here and sharing your heart. xx


  5. Spread those beautiful wings and fly my love,
    Fly to new heights, new beginnings.
    No pixie dust or happy thoughts
    But on your own wings, the wings of your heart.
    This is true beauty Kristin. Your words are always a joy and a beauty to read💕

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      1. It was really nice of WordPress not to tell me you’d replied to my comment.
        So that’s the analytic comment out the way now for one from the heart.
        This is so f@$#ing beautiful Kristin. I love it❤

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  6. And each time your courage steps into your heart, it opens further and further, till flying is a permanent way of being.
    Very beautifully written Kristin, you speak from that ‘knowing’ within. Thank you for sharing your flight 🙂

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  7. To create old wings,
    one must destroy the old ones
    in order to re-grow new wings to fly and embrace.

    Your words are so vivid and pure.

    You have so much wisdom in your heart.

    I love this poem very very much.

    Thank you for writing this incredible poem.

    You are a blessing of hope and light. 🙂

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  8. Hermana mi….

    I haven’t heard back as to whether I can use the poem; I’d like to post it in the morning…. Is it okay? If I don’t hear back I’ll wait… but, I’d really like my readers to see it….



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      1. Great! It’s all set to post in the morning…. Thanks…. it still makes me weep and smile each time I fuss with the formatting…. My readers will be experiencing some jaw-dropping, I think, like my first exposure to one of your poems….


        See ya; hope your holiday is happy….

        Soul sergeant gigoid….



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      2. You’re welcome, milady; only your due…

        Be happy, and well… It’s posted, so you should get a pinback…

        Blessed Be, soul sister



      1. Thank you. I am pretty anxious as I am working NYE night. I have been getting very nervous and between my spine, a fractured tibia and two pinched nerves in my elbows causing a neuropathy I have been flush, sweaty and shaky. I keep asking for something to take the edge off and 2.5 weeks ago my dr gave me lexapro and I knew it would be bad 5 mg and I was a zombie, barely posted and had dreams so vivid I thought they were real. It was scary. I take valium but it does little for me. I wanted xanax. My hands hurting and shaking I cant do anything about it and I know this guy I am working with 7 years and we used to trade off gigs and did a lot together thana he got greedy. Got kids he could pay less and not work with me saying I figured you would be late bc of the distance when I never have been and oh I am doing corporate jobs. I do not know why that matters as I have done the World Series in the Steinbrenner Box, Belmont Stakes llargest party Captain, Superbowl and more. I just have to hope I am not setting up shots and am shaking bad to where I can;t pour. I have a brace I have been wearing and that has helped a little and am taking a nerve block but I withdraw if I do not keep it in my system and 3 weeks ago I told my dr this and I wanted to take it more frequently but a lower dose and he stayed with the dose and added one. I need the money and do well enough for him to start hiring me as things have been dead for me except broke ppl looking for a borderline free personal trainer. One girl responded to an ad by me with pricing in it, said she knws she had to pay for quality, then says she lives an hour and a 20 LIRR ticket away and I gave her a lower price than I should and she said oh thats 3 times more than expected. Mind you in 200 I was charging 30 more than what I quoted her.

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      2. Wow Paul you have so much going on. I will be hoping something will change and you can have New Years Eve off- times are tough- do you have support there, around you? Meds can help but are scary too- please be careful 🙏 thank you for sharing with me 💙

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      3. Oddly enough NYE will be my first work in a little while. I had tried contacting various places for both work and freelance writing for hours and I passed out

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      1. Oh babe, no matter what you wear, because I admire your soul as always. This is only the lustful game and we only will play with the feathers and the tickles. Now I must to go to my work. I’ll meet you in the evening. Kisses from Barcelona. ❤

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      2. Hi Princess here the fog is becoming a fluid with a sweet taste. In a few hours the sun will achieve give it a touch that to inebriate us and I prepare a cup for you. I will spill it over all your body. Have a nice day.

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      3. Of course darling, let’s dance a while, and don’t worry the next time I will cleanse you. It will be a pleasure. I guess after this dancing we could fall on a puddle. I will be your slave. But a rebel slave. 😉

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      4. Hi my heart! I’m sorry for my delay. If I could I’d send you a pound of petals of roses, for each word I receive from you. That fragance and the your one, would make me in heaven. Thanks. Xoxo

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