She breaks down 

He arrives in an instant 

…to her flood of wrenching pain

He knows 

He holds her

His love is ever so gentle

…She is his treasure  

He is the calm in her storm 

He would never leave her 

Even when she pushed and clawed 


My heart in my throat 

As I sat kitty corner in my chair 

Observing love conquer 

She had crowned his heart 

And I found myself silently weeping 

To be one to witness 

…a tender and true love as this 

And as my tears talked a little louder 

They did not even notice

For they were long sunk 

Into the arms 

…of each other 



211 thoughts on “Observer 

  1. You describe a beautiful sort of moment here … and you do it quite well. I like two things about this poem, in particular. The first thing I really like about it is that you place yourself firmly as the observer in this moment, while at the same time experiencing the moment in a very profound way. The second thing about this poem that I really liked has to do with this line: “She had crowned his heart.” We live in a world where unchecked ego is often king; but it is love – true love – both from and for others that serves as the source for any nobility we may have. This line, along with the setting of the rest of the poem, completes this circle perfectly.

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    1. I swim in your words Stormwise!! You are so lovely and I am grateful for your visits and time in sharing. I agree the ego must stand down for true love to thrive. I was honored to observe such a moment as this and I am honored for your presence here too. :))

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      1. The honor (of visiting your blog) is all mine … the honor of witnessing moments such as you describe here is one I would wish on us all, repeatedly.

        It’s always been a pleasure to read your writings, and a privilege that you comment in my blog, as well – ‘thank you’ just doesn’t seem to say enough; but it is heartfelt, and the best I can think to write here.

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      2. Autumn, and all its myriad colors, happens to be another fascination of mine; so your compliment humbles me more than you might realize.

        I wonder if you wouldn’t mind corresponding by E-mail at some point? My address is on the sidebar of my blog. It’s not a must – just an invitation – and I would be happy to keep swimming with you in the blogosphere either way 🙂

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      3. Well you must have read my mind because I was thinking the same thing. And of course continuing to swim :)) I am taken with Autumn as well- the smell, the color- it’s beautifully haunting to me. Goodnight beautiful soul. Xx

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    1. Thank you Eric :)) you know I wrote this right after it happened and it wasn’t sad for me- I felt so deeply honored to witness this love. A love so true and so real- I want what they have and at the same time I am happy for them and just lucky to see it- it keeps me believing :))💜💜

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      1. Hi Honey, I’ve nominated you for this challenge. I think you’ll love it. If you don’t have time to do it daily then do it as you can😘

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    1. gigoid! Happy Saturday:)) actually it’s been a complete inspiration for me. These two have entered my life and shown me a true and deep love that I haven’t known myself. They are very precious people. Like you my dear friend 💗

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      1. Well we are sort of cut from the same place and molded. I am mad, I will deal with them again and if I am in charge, I will treat them better than I was treated.:)

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  2. Excellent poem… I love how the characters seem to be protagonists and witness at the same time… a sort of dissociative effect somehow which tends to highlight the actions.
    Thanks for sharing… Sending love and best wishes. Aquileana 🍀

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      1. Thanks. I am good hope your are keeping well. A new life after the death of a mother takes a while to organise and bringing heaven on earth a little longer, but as you say the journey is what it I all about. May God my father be with you now and always. With lots of ❤️ Ian

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      2. You are so kind Ian. I really treasure you. Yes, it is taking time~ it helps to be here and share and have wonderful support. Hope you are doing very well Ian, thank you for your kindness ❤️

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      1. I really do mean it. You are a kind spirit with so much hope and love. This world needs hope and you can lift up humanities love and spirit.


        P.S I got a new poem…that I know you’ll love…its one of my best I’ve ever done…you’ll see.

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  3. Your words give one Hope, that those of us who wish to experience that depth of Love shall BE. Beautiful imagery in both photo and prose, SG. As always whenever I come here, your Light touches me ever so gently. Thank you! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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    1. Thank you so much beauty!! I appreciate and treasure you. I just wrote a long comment to you on your page then it wouldn’t send because I didn’t fill in all the correct info. Gah! So here I am again :)) I had no idea that Lang leav started on tumblr. Are you on tumblr? I tried it but didn’t get any followers and I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right. I still have an account tho that I can access. I love the idea of picking out some of my quotes from what I’ve written. You’re amazing and really encourage me and make me feel like my words actually mean something- you are a treasure to me and I thank you so much.


      1. I’ll be sure to read a lot more. I apologize if I don’t visit enough. I try my very best to stay updated. Been a bit of a bum lately🤗 but I will change that😁😀 Beside you’re so stunningly talented. I’ve been missing out!

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    1. Oh sis! Im here. I had to get through some things- like a hard wall that took all my strength to knock down, you know? Thank you so much for checking in and caring- this means so much. I just love you sis!

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  4. This is such a beautiful poem, dear Soldier Girl… I like the fact that you introduced a third character… An eyewitness, so to speak and I like how he represents certain feelings of melancholy, loneliness and maybe sorrow as well, in contrast to the other characters.. Great verses… thanks for sharing… Love and best wishes to you. Aquileana 🍒~ ‏


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