I look as I walk by 

You smile back

Walking ahead 

As our souls scream out 

Frantically reaching hands 

The same eternal longing 


…five thousand lifetimes 

Pulling at us 

To please

…give in 

How deep is this ocean of feeling 

we have set our hearts in 

Yet here we are 

…Pacing the shore again 

Pretending with nods and smiles 

While inside 

The thunderstorm of connection 

has knocked all the power out 

Maybe no one would notice 

…if I reach for you in the dark 


156 thoughts on “Struck 

  1. OMG, Kristin! This is amazing! So passionate and full of feelings… the tunderstorm of connection has knocked all power out…. wonderful! It is beautiful how you convey the immense force of love that is able to simply wash over us without asking.

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  2. Beautifully written Kristin. Those times in our lives where we meet that someone special, have great meaning. They are all soul mates who have, with much love, come to you in your journey to show you a path, whether by just a word in passing, a friend in life or that one beautiful connection that touches you all over, be it your heart, your mind or the spirit within.
    They are all soul mates, for they give to you that one something that will change you forever.
    Yes, we all seek that ‘soul mate’ that will bring us happiness forever, and that can happen too…but it is in finding that happiness within ourselves that we finally understand that unconditional love, that place we sidestep so often in our journeys because of how we feel about ourselves.
    Seek there…for in that fear is the journey to find at last the peace, beauty and a love like no other that will lead you home. It is in finding that self love that this understanding will be found…and a true love forever a part of who and what you are.
    Take heart for you have loosened fears grip. You have seen your truth within and are now moving out of its shadow. As you do your heart opens, and you begin to attract from that level.
    But be aware…sometimes great beauty isn’t 6 foot 2, dark eyes and a red Corvette….sometimes they come in small gestures from a heart of gold 🙂
    Big hugs kind lady, your heart is beginning to shine too ❤ Namaste

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    1. You make me laugh Mark! Well that’s good because I don’t like red corvettes ☺️ no thank you! I was more referring to that feeling of having met someone somehow before and being drawn to them unexplainably. Thank you for all you share with me Mark and for bringing me some laughter this morning :))

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  3. Kristin this is absolutely amazing. I could agree more on this. The connection of two souls through the eons of time is a wonderful thing to behold.
    But to experience it is true beauty❤

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  4. “Struck” by your words, how simple are gestures as a touch of hands or even the wish of when a touch is desired by the heart from a distance. No matter how many miles apart or lifetimes.

    Love your words, Love your heart
    You Kristin are amazing xxx

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  5. Incredible imagery here – it really resonates! I can almost feel the awed silence that happens after thunder has clapped nearby or within. The circling closer and closer through lifetimes, the anticipation that builds in the poem but is still unknown to the souls who are about to connect, the clap of thunder and then what I see as the most powerful symbol in the whole poem – the reaching for someone in the dark – this is one of the best poems I’ve had the pleasure of reading in a long time, thank you so much for sharing this part of your own soul! It’s difficult for me to tell whether it is poem or soul that draws me in here – a rare sort of question that really doesn’t require an answer, just another reading 🙂

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      1. I think the way you open yourself with your poetry, expressing the raw and profound emotions that you do, merits comments that also come from the heart and soul. It feels good to comment here as well as read – something I think the sheer number of comments and visitors you receive reflects 🙂

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  6. Pretending with nods and smiles
    While inside
    The thunderstorm of connection
    has knocked all the power out

    Powerful verses which truly resonated with me… Great poem, high quality as always…
    All the best to you!, Aquileana 😀

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  7. walked on by. you are or you are not. shot to hell. well death is the thing. it stings it burns. you yearn you missed today a way to be
    but i am anger
    a stranger
    and judgin ya.


      1. I have been behind myself. I don’t know how I have been getting anything done. I am happy to hear that you like my visits. I have so many talented writers, I feel blessed. You have a very nice blog 🙂

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  8. Looking for some inspiration bedtime read before I end my day and I’m glad I stumbled upon this treasure! Thank you for such a well written piece.

    Just want to tell you I enjoyed it very much.

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  9. We have been passing each other like ships in the night for some reason. Your poetry touches me in places where there are no words, only emotion. You are so incredibly beautiful both inside and out and it is such a pleasure to have read this glorious poem this evening. I also thank you for finding me on instagram which I have no idea how you did. Oh wait! Maybe you saw the information on my blog? I have such a whirlwind of a life I really don’t remember what I have done even yesterday sometimes. Anyways, I truly was moved to tears reading your words. Bless you, my friend. Much love, Amy

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    1. Oh Amy thank you! I know we do seem to do that don’t we- the last time we connected Molly was doing better and when I read the posts on Instagram tonight my heart broke. Im so sorry Amy. You are the most tender and loving soul. You are precious and a treasure to so many. I am so glad I found you there too and that you found me back! Perhaps our ships met at the dock- but most likely we will be off sailing again ;)) so much love to you sweetest Amy. ❤️

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      1. Thank you regarding Molly. It was heart breaking but in essence it truly was a Blessing. I could not make that final decision, SG. I seemed frozen, just praying and hoping things would turn around. She really suffered in the end, and I am just so relieved that when she stroked out, the decision was made for me. Some of my cats are still grieving, especially her biological sister, Sassy. I’m moving forward in my Life, yet the tears and the indescribable ache overcome me. Bless you for your Love and caring Soul. I really am glad we found each other on Instagram. I’m not there much, but when I am I try to see everyone’s work. Much Love to you, Amy ❤


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