Ain’t no Sunshine…

  Today my smile 

Was held in place 

By the frame of a mental corset 

Begging to come undone 

Working without thinking 

For my mind was off twisting 

In memories reoccurring 

And oh when I finally came home!

Ripping the corset 

Like a dog uncovering old bones 

The remains of a smile 

Broken in a twirling puddle 

This is how mama misses 

…her baby girl 

Eight years ago this week I lost my sunshine. I miss her so much. ❤️

206 thoughts on “Ain’t no Sunshine…

  1. Always thinking of you, sweet Souldier Girl. Life is bigger than we know. One day you might meet your little girl in the glory you cannot comprehend now. She is a part of your eternal family. Love and peace!

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  2. Hi, Souldiergirl! This blog post of yours is very moving to read. Tonight is the third time I read it, and every time I got tears in my eyes, especially when I see the photo of your missed little beautiful angelic sunshine girl.

    In many ways animals and humans show the same sort of reactions when confronted with death. Have you seen this video of a motherdog digging a little grave in which to bury her stillborn pup. ?

    I think that dog and you are, in a way soulmates. Do you agree?

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    1. Oh my goodness you are going to make me cry-thank you so much for your beautiful words and taking the time to send me this. Thank you. I will watch it right now, sounds like a yes to me. ❤️


      1. I panicked when I read your message. I feel better now. He as in God. Of course. I won’t pretend to understand what you feel. Unless a parent goes through that, you could never really know. I am very sorry for your loss. I admire your writing so much I think I know how you write with so much emotion. If its any consolation, in my heart I really believe that they day we depart this world, our loved ones will be waiting for us. In that case, your little girl will be greeting you in heaven. God bless. And sorry for the confusion.

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