Giving healing a Name

My heart is mending today

My eyes, rest behind glasses
…taking their place

My lips swollen from attempting to make sense

of something

…that can never be named

or understood

And that

…is ok

I tugged my heart out and laid it at your feet

…showing you what I need

You shook your head and walked away

God’s whispering to follow this lead

“Please take my stubborn soul and guide me”

…I plead!

Kneeling until I could feel my bones

Carving creations into the pavement

I stood and saw

A butterfly with a halo

…a sign of love from my angel daughter

A dragon with his claws out

…a transferred protection, my brothers mark

An auburn wolf with eyes like mine

…a reflection of my inner courage 

Decorating me like a glittering thesis

The bowtie completing her writing

The endless essay of my life and timing

Words trail me like the train of a wedding dress

Lifting me to redemption from the mess

As the grey erases 

…in the sunshine of significance

I see I am not alone in this!

And you are all standing with me


in a circle of opened hands


a fluttering wild soul

We are giving healing a name, 



72 thoughts on “Giving healing a Name

  1. So beautiful. You wondrously Beautiful Creature. You are so strong. And you have an amazing Strong and vibrant Heart. I love your Heart and I love you, Sisterheart! #shieldmaiden #eveningstar #phoenixflame

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  2. Wow, Kristin……… I am speechless! Sometimes a single ray of light can appear so bright, when showing up in the darkness and shows the path to a new life. When I started reading I saw you kneeling down and while I continued, you looked up, slowly stood up until you stood tall, smiling and looking at the world in curiousitiy.

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  3. Now you have touched it…that awareness that only steps forward when your heart is ready, and into your words flows understanding.
    And in that understanding is a beauty that is yours alone…a truth like no other. I hear and feel that awareness…thank you for sharing Soldiergirl, these words speak of a beautiful journey.

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