I am your Music Box 

Inspired by Eric and Chrissy, this is a vocal piece. Please click on the link below to hear this piece in my own words ❤️


I am your music box…

I am your music box 

And my heart is your ballerina 

Spinning in the direction of your light

Twirling in the presence of your love 

With my arms above my head 

Reaching high for you 

Chin up 

To the sky 

I am your music box 

And you…are the reason why 

My heart is your ballerina 

Dancing to the sunshine of your orchestra 

Do not you know 

I was once in the dark?

But your love has opened 

my soul 

And moved the ballerina 

Inside my heart 


157 thoughts on “I am your Music Box 

  1. I honestly don’t know what to say. I don’t have any words to describe how awesome this is. For how proud I am of you. I love you, SisterHeart. 💜 what a beautiful voice from such a beautiful heart.

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  2. omg I love this SG so much you have no idea. your voice touches my soul and I am so honoured that I inspired you to do this. I was tackling with the idea for a while now, until I just said to myself in a spontaneous way that I always do :Fuck it! Do it raw, no edits and that’s what I did. I love yours though, it is beautiful, like you.
    Thank you for sharing xx

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  3. That your writing can provoke some fairly vivid imagery is something that I’ve already discovered, it is one of the reasons I’ve admired your writing from the first time I encountered it. With this poem, I experienced something different: I could see the image of the ballerina without a problem; but your description also evoked a separate image, of a falling leaf, spinning through the air as the sun shone on it after an autumn storm. I can’t say I’ve experienced that kind of dual-imagery very often before … thank you for that, it was a great experience! Your voice was also interesting to hear – relaxing enough to be almost hypnotic, but with just the right edge to it to keep it from being ‘too’ relaxing 😉

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    1. You are incredibly kind, thank you so much! Wow I love that image of the falling, spinning leaf- how touching to know you received this. Thank you! Your words bring me so much love and light- you always come in with a gorgeous and wise spirit when you visit- I just love it. Thank you :))

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  4. Beautifully amazing Kristin.
    First what a beautifully thought out and inspired piece it really touches the soul.
    Secondly what a recital so pure and innocent and beautifully phrased.
    I am in awe.💕

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      1. And a happy Saturday to you. I’ve been having a running battle with Vodafone allday. No mobile Internet still trying to get it back on. Oh what fun☺

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  5. Souldiergirl. Wow!!! I must say – you have the most beautiful and soothing voices I have ever heard. Your voice speaks and heals the planet earth from all that is evil.

    This poem I love very very much. Thank you for writing this truly master of a piece. 🙂

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    1. Whaaat?!! Charlie! This is the nicest thing ever- you are so so kind. I am so glad I pushed trough my fears and did it- your words make it totally worth it. Thank you soooo much for being here and up up up lifting my soul! Xx

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      1. It is so wonderful to witness it, Kristin! Btw. whenever you don’t want me to miss something please just send me the link or let me know in a way. I am not able anymore to go through the whole reader or visit each blog every day. But when I know I would love to read your gems, Kristin 💖

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