I celebrate my tears 

I celebrate my tears

For the little girl who was put in the corner

With the hypnotic sway of the pointing finger 

“Don’t you dare cry” 

Over and over

…like a lullaby 

I celebrate my tears 

For the years of pushing them down

To a dungeon I forgot about


“Tears are a sign of weakness”

So I smiled harder and forced them into secret 

I celebrate my tears 

Because when my baby died

Everyone was allowed to lose their minds 

Except me 

I was positioned to remain 

“Nice and neat”

And keep tears hidden 

In between the sheets

When he is passed out asleep

In the shower for hours screaming

As long as no one was home 

…to listen 

I celebrate my tears because the

Chains are being broken 

And my tears are the ones seeking their freedom!

They run down my cheeks 

In an overzealous reaction 

They stream out proudly!

My tears are speaking loudly 

In pure love and acceptance 

Not the misnomer of weakness 

I celebrate my tears

In all their beautiful radiance 


My tears, unleash the story 

…of my spirit!

I celebrate my tears  



149 thoughts on “I celebrate my tears 

  1. This is very powerful SG. And you are so right, we celebrate the significance of our life and others by acknowledging all experiences and emotions. Safe Hugs.

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    1. Oh! I am so glad that this helped you- you are such a sweet and beautiful spirit. I mean that- I just adore you and your superb writing is an excellent bonus! I am sending a big hug your way and a bouquet of love and gratitude. Thank you for being here and sharing PG 💜💜


      1. Thank you so, so much SG – your words touch me more than you can ever know. Your kindness is so much appreciated, as certainly are the hugs, love and gratitude. More of the same to you, beautiful lady xxx

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  2. I understand how you feel when the terrible happens and you’re expected to stay strong and people seem surprised if you let loose your emotions. To celebrate those tears is important. Sending peace and love.

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      1. I think it’s important to notice, it makes someone feel like you’re actually listening. Friday does make it better, but a weekend of jobs kind of dulls it a bit.. I’m ok, wanting work to be over with lol

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      2. Some hope lol… Shopping, dog walking, fixing a window and window cleaning. I need to stop but kitchen needs cleaning up and i would like to bake some cakes… Ill sleep well i think lol

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  3. You touched me so very deeply. Nobody ever should hide any tears. We all need to celebrate our tears because they are part of our story and help flow on life’s river. I hope always celebrate your tears from now on. And you you there are people you can share them with any time. Big hugs and much, muchlove to you, Kristin 💖

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    1. Oh thank you so much Erika! I am blessed that I am learning and growing so I can show my children a different way- not to be ashamed to feel! You have been a huge part of this sister. Honestly- you are an angel to me. It’s no mistake that our paths have connected. Love you sis 💗💞

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      1. You you were cursed to meet me … lol!!! Now way out… haha!!! And I couldn’t be any happier about it 😃
        There are moments in our lives when we reach a turning point but we need a little confirmation to believe ourselves. I am happy and humbled maybe I was allowed to give you some confirmation of what you already knew. Love ya, my dear Soul Sister! 💖

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  4. Absolutely Stunning SG to see some one grow to the point of being able to let their emotions come unbidden is truly a wondrous sight to behold. And to put it in words to share with people shows strength unbound. ❤

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    1. Rich that is so beautiful- thank you so much. I love the quote about being brave- my perspective has been changing and it really is a beautiful thing. To feel peace when everything’s going in an unexpected direction and there is a lot of pain- it’s a place to grow and be brave. Im scared but eager as well. Anyway- that’s my little rant ☺️ I adore you my friend!

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      1. Embracing fear makes us feel alive SG, the fact that your eager just shows your inner strength. Some people and I suppose we’ve all been guilty of it in the past let the fear consume them. You really are a beautiful person and a beautiful soul❤

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      2. Thank you so much Rich. You are a wonderful person who encourages me and that love and encouragement is what is helping me grow :)) I was so afraid but facing it and walking (and in some cases flat out storming) through it has made me feel alive again- you are so right.

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  5. And as you will slowly realise, those tears are speaking your truth. They are allowing you for the first time to speak with your heart and break those chains of fear…and be free.
    Those tears are the most powerful things in this world…for they show the truth of that love in your heart, and can be felt by all.
    The ones that fear those tears are not standing in their truth, and they are afraid because it brings their truth to the surface but they fight it. They do not want to face their truth so they stop you from showing yours.
    It makes them feel…really feel…and they are afraid to do that.
    Your heart is opening Soldiergirl, your spirit is free, and the love that is you, is there for all to see.
    Believe…in you!

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    1. Thank you Mark! I totally agree because I was so afraid to feel the emotions the tears ️brought with them- for years and I means years! It almost like learning how to cry- and I was so afraid but then there came and is coming a sweet feeling- a joy of something new- a feeling of being brave and being proud of myself. What a journey this is turning out to be! :))

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      1. You will always attract, and have around you, exactly those you need to go through something….good and bad…so that you can find that love within. God loves you a lot and is not going to let you go…I promise 🙂

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  6. Love you. What a blessing tears are. Filled with disinfecting salt that carries the pain of sadness away and purifies the soul. Tears restore our spiritual and emotional well-being. In my heart, I hold you as you cry on my shoulder in motherly acceptance.

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    1. Oh Pam! Thank you so much- I just love you. Yes I needed that shoulder- you just know. 💗 you mean so much to me- thank you. I love the way you described tears- disinfecting our pain- how beautiful- I love you too💞💞

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  7. I love you My Sisterheart. ❤ You are an amazing and powerful creature. These fragments of your life, they leave me speechless. I am so bitterly angry for the injustice you have experienced and so amazingly proud and in complete awe of your Strength and Beauty. I don't know what else to say about you, any words I put together don't seem like enough. All my love, Shieldmaiden.

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  8. Tears are not a sign of weakness, but strength. We all need to let out our sorrows and happiness through tears should they fall. It’s ok – it takes great strength to stand up tall, look others in the face and say “yes I’m upset – I have a right to be and have a right and need to express it.” It’s what makes us human and eases your soul and spirit. We have to let it out. Love the poem hun as I know it took a lot of strength to write it and share. Big hugs to you!

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    1. You are right- it does take so much, especially after training oneself not to break- only to learn that there is so much beauty in the breaking- and bravery! It means everything that you understand. You truly are an angel and I ️thank you so much.

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  9. Beautiful. I just found your poem through Enlightenment Angels…no one should have to hide their tears and the part about losing your child…that cut like a knife for me….you have touched many with your words I have no doubt. So glad I have crossed paths with you. Take care 🙂

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  10. Reblogged this on ' Ace Friends News ' and commented:
    When we are born we receive love from other people or not as the case maybe. I did not feel anything from my parents other than at 6 years of age anger and so l started my journey to my real. Father in heaven and now at 61 l have greater knowledge of good and evil than most men or women ever will and the truth is what it really does not what people believe.
    My love came to me through pain and heartache and it is not if this world but the world of yet to come.
    Nice post ❤️


  11. One of the BEST things I’ve read by you. I LOVED this so much!! You made the journey, the ibsight, the payh, so clear we walked it with you. We learn most from pain. Being able to paint words is such a gift. You are brilliant

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  12. I celebrate my tears because of what we shared in common that we once had to hide…and I am never afraid to them fall again in front of whoever is near or close by because it shows we have the selfless heart of an angel born of God, we feel and appreciate every moment in life…especially when we share the deep things we feel. You are a wonderful songsmith and poetess. Your poems bring hearts to smile and sing and feel each and every emotion that comes to life. Thanks for always sharing dear sister!

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  13. I’m still waiting to flow them all out…so many incidents, heartbreaks and treatments turning into unshed tears. Every time I try they refuse to come out openly. I need solitude of a day or two to let them come out!
    Beautiful, powerful and very touching SG. 👍

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    1. I know what you mean, I have such a hard time crying. Today I had a random moment where I felt they were urging to be released but of course I was at work so had to fight them away and now that I am home..nothing. Thank you so much for your words and for being here :))

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