Rise with Life 

My heart nervously beating 

As my eyes match the new horizon

He left in a shocking way

With not even a shadow to trace 

The sky opens her eyes to change 

Asking me to do the same 

Oh but I miss the hands to hold! 

And the stories that laugh as they unfold 

I feel misunderstood 

By the king of understanding 

…it is no fun to feel that way

But I rebuke confusion in these coming days 

I will grow with the bougainvillea 

Wrapping their vines tight to feel ya 

Spreading my hands like Eagles

Above his memory adorned with flowers 

The sky says, daughter it is time 

To rise despite…


Fall in love 

…with this unhinged life 



84 thoughts on “Rise with Life 

  1. Good girl, and beautifully written Soldiergirl. Our lives may feel unhinged but it is through that unhinging comes the light.
    Slowly, gently we allow ourselves to feel again and ‘knowing’ the love is there…for ourselves…and from others.
    Be proud because you are taking those steps to find that love.
    Big hug my friend, the sun is rising 🙂

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    1. Thank you Mark! I wrote you a lot earlier and I hope you got it- I didn’t see my reply so really hoping it made its way to you :))
      You offer so much light and wisdom and I am very grateful.
      Yes, rising with the sun!

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  2. Oh you’ve done it again. My heart skipped a beat when I read this. You are the sculpture of your own will. Dig deep inside and send Forth your inner light spreading your wings in a euphoric eruption of your beautiful soul.
    Your love is a tool to your inner being it lights you up with radiance don’t let anyone dim that light but find warmth to comfort and compliment it💕

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    1. Wow!! Rich you are so powerfully moving with your words. Thank you from the wholeness of my soul for what you share with me. Your words are gorgeous-flying around me and I wish to catch each one and hole it very close :)) Thank you so much-seriously my friend xxx

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  3. To keep going! is the key.. There are lots of rises and falls in life. each holding its own lessons, as it teaches us to gain strength be it through pain or happiness..

    You write excellent poetry SouldierGirl.. ❤ Live, Love and Be Happy!.. 🙂 For we only Live in the NOW of moments.. xxx

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