Her Name…Determination

***Thank you Megan 

I want to be a flapper

A symbol of celebration
Dancing in the face of discrimination
Whistle and toot my way into freedom
Among the feast of governing isolation
Change my name 
Change my destination
Opportunity runs in the opposite way of the oncoming 
set my sights and continue to 
raise them
My eyes embrace a culture devoid of opposition
A deflating rigid system
Baptized into the ocean of 
born again
Frolicking with you into the sun 
Where good times stick like honey
…to a happiness that never ends 

105 thoughts on “Her Name…Determination

    1. Yay!! I love that term- that’s right Erika- I admit it, my name is Kristin and I am a hopeaholic! I feel a positive spirit soaring around- how bout that sis- think we have some butterflies in our midst 😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      1. Wooohoooo, Kristin!!!! Welcome!!!! I love that we join the same club of endles hopes!!! Love that! Let’s foster our butterflies that they will always make us see life in beautiful and light colors ❤️❤️❤️

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  1. You do just that, Sisterheart. Burst from the heavens into a million stars and shower the earth in your radiance. You’re an amazing person and you will always inspire me with your Determination. Love and Respect, Shieldmaiden. ❤

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      1. I am greatly inspired by you, SisterHeart. 💜 when I think about you I think about all that is good and bright in this world. As always, All My love to you. 🙂 goodnight #sleepwell #sweetdreams

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      2. Sorry I missed this! Well today was good because some rain came- finally! I was absolutely giddy in my office with the front door open just taking in that fresh smell- like the rain comes to wash the “stuff” away and help us start anew. Anyway- see im a nerd but that’s a ok- I wear my nerd on my sleeve :)) happy day- tomorrow’s Friday! Xxx

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    1. Hey! Funny I was just thinking about you. How are you? Sorry I have written my chapter yet- not even sure where you guys are with that- life’s so crazy busy- im slowish at the writing progress ;))
      Be greatish my friend- you’re awesome.

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      1. Yes, I heard you. Stop thinking so loudly! Addy’s on chapter 12, an illustrator friend of his wants to join in, and we’re thinking of turning it into a comic or e-book. Been horribly busy myself but you’re just too gorgeous to ignore for long. That, and word around the campfire is that you have a wicked right hook. 🙂 Take care, Lovely.

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      2. Ha! Well how else am I gonna get you to come round. :)) can’t wait to see what you two have been up to- I think that is a wonderful idea.
        Yes well you are just way too kind to find out if that rumor is true or not ;))
        You’re the best. Come back soon 💗💗

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      1. I’ʋɛ ɦaɖ ɨt ʄօʀ a ʍօռtɦ. I ɖօ ʟɨҡɛ ɨts ʄɛatʊʀɛs, ʏօʊ ċaռ ʍʊʟtɨtasҡ. I ɦaʋɛ a ʟօt tօ ʟɛaʀռ. 😳 LOL. Dօ ʏօʊ ɮɛʟɨɛʋɛ Gօօɢʟɛ ċaռ’t ʊռɖɛʀstaռɖ tɦɨs ʄօռt. Kɛɛքs saʏɨռɢ ċɦɛċҡ sքɛʟʟɨռɢ. Iʄ I ʊsɛ ʋօɨċɛ ċօʍʍaռɖs, I ɢɛt ʀɛsʊʟts!!! SMH. Uռɮɛʟɨɛʋaɮʟɛ!!!

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