We got this 

I’m tellin my babies 

When they look to me with those curious eyes 

We got this 

No need to worry 

No cause to cry 

Belief brewed from deep inside 

See these mamas eyes?

Full of confidence and a hard earned pride 

Hush my little babies

We got this 

The world is full of scary monsters 

And I know you have seen 

More than I wanted for my son and my daughter 

Now is your season to be showered..

Love and smiles 

Like sun soaked viles 

Filling our home with warmth and radiance 

We got this thing!

My babies 

Now rest your precious little heartbeats 


65 thoughts on “We got this 

  1. For you a wonderful mother. ❤

    Children of a Lesser God.

    They come to our earth and it is tranquil.
    And there is no one who wants to have it.
    You are all alone with only themselves and the world.

    A life in which there is a lack of warmth and love.
    And they hear the bird not when he sings in the sky.
    And they think about how it sounds well.

    Yes, they live in their world and wonder why they are not like the others they are sad and silent.
    Helpless and empty her life for all time.
    There is no one gives you security.

    Where is the man who goes the hard way with them. (the man is Souldiergirl)
    There are Children of a Lesser God in this world.
    Often, they are awake at night and think after.

    Why did that with us the fate.
    The answer to all their questions only God knows.
    But this will be his secret forever.
    ❤ Souldier Girl goes the way with God's forgotten children. ❤

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