Just like Us 


Nestled in your lap

Lying in the coldness

No one else is here

Sounds of midnight twinkle like stars

The ones we cannot see

Hiding beyond a distracted city

Whose jealous buildings compete to meet the sun

And are melted before they ever do

Tonight I am one with you

We need not search for words

Our connection screams to rise

Upon those buildings where the birds nests hide

In the shadowed corners

Just like us

A pair of eternal friends and lovers

Curled into the secret of each other

A small drifting pocket

Against the eyes of the universe

Just me

Just you

101 thoughts on “Just like Us 

  1. Beautifully written Soldier Girl.

    Your heart is shining,
    words made of love,
    because of your journey,
    flies the beauty of a dove.

    Be strong little lady, the journey teaches much.
    And as hard as it is, it is given with much love…I promise.

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  2. You are a passionate soldier girl and very dear with all these feathers ! I especially liked your line , ” jealous buildings compete to meet the sun ” …your poem mesmerizing and golden ! Love , megxxx

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  3. Reblogged this on ' Ace Friends News ' and commented:
    The perfect relationship sounds simple but is most difficult to achieve – simply you give everything to your partner and they give everything to you.

    Try it and your relationship will be perfect but do not expect it to be easy – anything worth having is always more difficult.

    I know!!


  4. Beautiful poem as usual. This is bdlheart. I had to abandon my original site because of technical issues. I finally got the courage to start a second site bdlheart2. It is the same site just looks different and only has one post right now. I miss reading your blog and your comments on mine. So far I have one post and updated my about page. More to come. I hope you will come visit.

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  5. So lovely. Sort of bittersweet. You truly have a gift. I felt transported reading this. To a different time and place. I felt I was the one I the dark going true the motions of love and loss.

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    1. Thank you so much- you are so sweet to me, and your words are such an encouragement :)) sorry my my delayed response-we’ve been battling the flu bug here for the past couple weeks.
      Thank you beautiful soul.

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  6. if i lived next door to you i’d pick your brain for 23 hours and give a hour and day to rest from me checking out that greatness and depth that emerges from within you and your soul. i love going back on your catelog of works
    and just spend time being in said mood
    and mind. you stay moving my soul

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    1. Not sure how I missed this gorgeous comment Max. You are incredible to me. I love when you read my works. Everything is from a very deep and vulnerable place so knowing it touches you the way it does means so much to me. My soul brother 💙

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