Day 2

Hello my gorgeous rockstars! Day 2 of 3 days and 3 quotes… Today I am going to pass this challenge on to three other badass bloggers without all the rules, just share some quotes that mean something to you- if you want- no pressure :))

Walkerkaty0                                              Oceanswater                                      gigoid

The quote with Jax Teller below really spoke to me- not sure if it was Kurt or one of the other writers from SOA, but I read it and was like bam! How true it is that when I am broken I do not feel strong- in the midst of hurt I feel sad and weak and tired. Many of my experiences hang like a loose earring to my heart-they are there but too painful to wear completely.  When I do embrace these hurtful memories I can break again-and fast-but it is the comfort of family, friends, strangers-that act as a cushion to my fall.  Their love keeps me strong when I am not. Their love inspires me to continue to believe and not give up.

YOU are a part of that love and cushion, thank you! I know, believe me I do, that life can be super hard. Hard like slamming the pavement and we are down there wondering how on earth we will stand back up-let alone walk again.

When I was little I remember playing with my dolls and dreaming of being a mother one day-oh how simple things seemed.  I never ever imagined I would be wailing over my daughter’s casket, I never imagined I would be rescuing my children from the angry chains of an abusive marriage.  I have no answers, not even the ones I seek-but I do have love, I do still believe I will find my happiness in my heart. I believe, even though my life continues to unravel from how I attempt to plan it, I believe there is light and hope and love in store for me and for all of you too.

And I LOVE YOU ALL! So see, there is some love already in your day today :))

xxxxo -SG


31 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Milady Trooper…

    I wasn’t sure where you wanted these, so, I’ll put them here… For me, (as you probably know…), aphorisms are my métier, so to speak; pearls, aka quotes, are what I do. So, here are three (and one bonus) of my favorites, that help me find my center, in those times when I’m headed where I prefer not to be….

    “Happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of one principle. Some things are within your control. And some things are not.” — Epictetus

    The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but, because of those who look on and do nothing.” — Albert Einstein

    “Mastering others is Strength. Mastering yourself is true Power.” — Lao Tzu

    “Do your Duty. Respect Life. Honor the Truth. Share your Love.” — Axiom # 7, Peruaosophy



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    1. Oh gigoid! You have brightened my evening so much! Thank you for this my kindred spirit! I really love these. The first one struck me and I believe the timing of it to be very much needed. I thank you so Much. You are wonderful. A huge soul hug to you. I love how you say “milady trooper” shows respect and love- you are a genuine soul. 💗


  2. I’ll admit, I haven’t been with you this entire Journey. But Since I found you on this road I’ve been completely amazed at your Bravery, Courage and Tenacity to not let this world drag you down. Although it is hard sometimes, and it seems insurmountable…you always press on. And while I worry at times, when you dive deep, in the back of my Heart I know you’ll always surface with Love in your heart. Peace to you, Sisterheart. I love you, too. ❤


  3. Well… you know what… your posts are much better than mine… I mean you have a great sense of writing posts and conveying your ideas to others… I’ve never seen such a writer who conveys the ideas to people so easily and quickly… You simply rock in writing posts…!!! You can be a very great and successful writer if you showcase your lovely talent more and more by publishing your thoughts and promoting it in large scales… I have a gut feeling that you’ll beat each and every writer and be the #1 writer in the world…!!! My day doesn’t start and end without reading your posts… it’s becoming my habbit now… Anyways… at last I would say that you rock miss beautiful and please continue posting your awesome posts… It’s become My “NEED” now….!!!! 


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