Good Morning Beautifuls!

Hi there my wonderfully  beautiful WordPress family. Thank you for being here! 

So Rich from wafflemethis (wafflemeawesomeness 😏) nominated me to do the 3 days 3 quotes… Sorry I am bad at following the rules so I am just gonna say thank you soul brother for including me in this and get to sharing some quotes with you all… I love quotes. 

The theme here is to LOVE yourself! I have been looked down upon for the very things that make me unique and quirky. I let it get to me for a long time- people’s hurtful jabs and eye rolls. But you know what- if you don’t like me then you can go-this is me and I am not striving for perfection in this life- I am striving for happiness- as many moments as I can muster up!

Being someone other than who I truly am does not make me happy. Plus I have more fun when I am my wacky wild self and there are people out there who love me for ME! Yay :))

So please remember YOU are amazing. You are adorned with uniqueness and an individuality that no one can steal away- so don’t hide your true gorgeous radiance- blaze it baby!! 

…and if others are making you feel small because of your awesome individuality, then they can make like a fly and shoo!! 

Come here and be Loved!

Have a great day! Xxxo-SG


69 thoughts on “Good Morning Beautifuls!

  1. Absolutely true, Sweet SisterHeart. Never be anything other than the bright shining star that I know and love. You are so beautiful and powerful and an inspiration to so many! All my love. ❀ Peace and Respect. β™‘

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    1. Aww! Whaaat?! You mean this wild star shooting all over the universe ;)) I think I may have caused a traffic jam… or two. Thank you so much for always uplifting me E. I have encountered people that try and shape me into something else-sometimes that makes me sad that I am not “enough” just as me. But you know what I think of the people, like my brother, who really really loved me for who I am and you know what he would always tell me “don’t let them steal who you are little K”-maybe my spark is just too bright and they need to get their eyes checked ;)) I am learning to love myself and embrace those that love me too! yay!

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      1. And you are such a bright beautiful Spark, My Sisterheart. That wonderful star that is constantly on my horizon. You’re amazing. And as long as you know who you are, everything else will just fall in place. All my love, Shieldmaiden. ❀


  2. Yay you certainly blazed it. Awesome. Such an inspiring post. Love you just the way you are beautiful and unique.
    A little secret it’s our weirdness that makes us beautiful.😘

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  3. You rock babe! The only way I love to live is living true to who I am. I see that you like to live the same! We’re kindred spirits. Wonderful post! πŸ’‹ wishing you a kickass day! Xoxo ❀ M

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    1. Hey pretty lady! You rock!! Thank you for sprinkling your love and beauty over here-makes me feel good. I love your free spirit too and believe we were meant to connect. Cheers to us and many kickass days ahead! *muah* xxxoo

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      1. Gladly my sweet!
        I agree, we were definitely meant to meet! 😘 Cheers! Lots of love and light! Xoxoxo

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      1. It was very humid today. I’ll go out for a walk in about 10 minutes. It gets dark earlier. Fall is a nice time of year, but I don’t like the cold. This is going to be my first winter in Maryland, I think it will be very cold. I’m in between mountains, the view is spectacular. πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi love! I love you and your brave, sexy, spirit and endless kindness. Hey do I need a password for both your sites now? Tried to get on to the normal one and I couldn’t. Help! Having Rita/Annie B/Fellow Warrior withdrawals!! xxxooo

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      1. Do you still have my e-mail sis? I wanted to see if you can give me some idea of how much it would be to get something like you made for me but with my daughter who passed ..blending her picture with nature somehow

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