We are the Midnight 

We are the midnight 

Crouching in hopes cobwebbed corner 

Sending kisses on trains to eachother 

Spreading dreams like whistles 

Calling them stealthily home 

We are the unsuspected believers

To boost and carry on for the one        …and for all the others

Grown up from sawed off roots

Making yellow from our blues 

Lifting soul songs to the night sky 

Praying for a star to carry the message 

Whilst passing us by 

It is our dark and we have blessed it 

While the rest sleep 

We write faith into their eyes 


…We are the Midnight… 



98 thoughts on “We are the Midnight 

      1. i have heard that my whole life. that was why i got so irritated at aspen she said she thought i was not autistic and that she was a pschylogist etc. anyway i will take you at your word. fr jj gave a homily on gossip etc. you know?

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      2. Yeah-I have heard that my whole life too-“you’re so weird” followed by the eye rolls–it’s like-um ok, its weird to be goofy and unique? Cool then I am a total fuckin weirdo!


  1. I always hear your Soul Song, Dearest Sisterheart. Way off to the west of Me. Where the sun goes to sleep in the evenings with the Sea. I hope it echoes always from the Bright Golden place where you are. All my love and respect, Shieldmaiden.

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