Loves Lurk 


I lurk in the forest of your heart
I touch my toes ever so gently 
Around all the pieces

You fear are 

….broken for eternity

          I am not afraid 

Of the dark and shadowed place

….Of all you have revealed

And still, all your lips hold sealed

I sleep in the depth of your soul

Known to few 

Hidden from all

I kiss its essence and paint               

          My colors 

To blend with your red and grey

I sleep inside

The genius of your mind

The depth it bleeds

          I bleed back 

Caressing and swimming 

Along the shores 

And far below 

This could be limitless

          And I wish not to go 

I gaze through your 

Wondrous eyes 

Straight into 

…what makes you mine

I gaze from so faraway

I gaze through 

my own dark 

…and hidden space 

I gaze upon your hands

That I may one day feel

The growing bond 

          That proves us real 


95 thoughts on “Loves Lurk 

    1. Aww- yay!!! Thanks sweetie. Your visits and comments mean so much to me. So, I’ve been trying to leave you comments back from the ones you left me and I can’t 😦 it keeps saying “error”. I don’t like that- I need connection with my girl! Just wanted you to know what was up. Also put me on that password list 😉😘


      1. Crazy busy…taking a break from social media for a while…have to work on novel and poetry book. the Virgo in me is getting neurotic must focus. Back soon beautiful xx
        Chrissy ❤️

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