My grief is knotted up in my stomach…

Pressing and swelling 

Kicking and burning 
Constantly reminding 

My grief is tangled in my head

Aching and spinning 

Pretending you are not dead 

Constantly pounding 

My grief is sticking in my throat

Memories will never go

Tears that burn to be known

Regurgitating and swallowing

Constantly haunting 

My grief is in my eyes 

Swollen and lifeless

Closed with no brightness

Constantly clouding

My grief is in my entire being

Sore and exhausted 

Empty and devastated 

Constantly reaching 

My grief is black and blue

Bruised and broken without you 

My grief is red and dark

Life is dull with no sparks

My grief is white 

A colorless life

Limping toward tomorrow 

Thinking maybe you will be there 

Or I will be 


My grief is a sea of seven stages 

Constantly flowing 



105 thoughts on “Grief 

  1. Thanks for these words, I too have held my grief in me and given it a voice to speak and worked with it to find healing…Thank you for this

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  2. Well you did it again, I’m breatheless such an amazing poem. And I can really relate at the moment. Thankyou soul sister that really is heart touching for me today ☺

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  3. It is a cloak we will wear as we walk my love, but I will tell you the weave changes with time and the colors become brilliant again. Precious memories indeed. Beautiful words, SG. I often think how incredibly impactful his seven precious days were in the making of Rita. Seven days that changed me forever❤️.

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  4. Beautiful tribute. We honor those we love with our grieving when they are gone. My thoughts are with you, and all those experiencing profound loss.

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  5. Our Angels know our hearts, dear SG. We honour them with our grieving but also with our tentative rays of hope and even happiness. Sending you much love and hugs from another Mumma with angels. ❤

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    1. Oh Karin- you have touched me so much today. I love you soul sister. I love our babies. Thank you for being honest and sharing- you are such a deep beauty to me and to so many.


  6. I’m hugging you from here to take away some pain. x love to you and trust me I know when death hits, there is no relief, no healing that can cure the loss of a child or a parent or a soul mate. x

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  7. Even in grief you have hope. I know very little, but I know that the life and the universe are infinite. Our grief will die with us. Our hope will live after we cross the veil. I hope you have a reunion you are wishing for.

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    1. I believe I will- and I am going to believe myself right into that reunion. I have many special people on the other side. Somedays I just break down missing them but I do believe in that veil-thank you so much for your words Inese and thank you for your faithful presence here.

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  8. Your post holds the power of revealing the depths of grief. Grief which cannot be hidden or glossed over. Grief which remains the vehicle for life’s continuity….

    Did the question, “Why me?” ever haunt you? Did you then gain the wisdom to ask, “Why not me?”


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    1. Thank you Shakti. Yes I have asked myself those questions and many more. I am accepting my grief so that I may live a happy life. I don’t think I will ever have the answers I seek- not in this lifetime anyway 😉 thank you so much for sharing and being here.


  9. Powerful and heartfelt words that put the feeling of grief out there for all to feel. I pray for your healing and restoration and that you will see your beautiful child sitting happily with God. May He pour out His blessings upon you, my sweet sister!

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    1. Oh thank you angel. I pray for those things too and He has given me visions of her- so I know she is ok. I just miss her so much! And the way she passed was so awful it’s been hard for me to move on from that moment. Then this past year my brother unexpectedly passed away- only 38. He was such a wonderful man and I miss him so much. I love you angel- thank you for listening to my words and encouraging me. What a gift you are. ❤️❤️

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      1. Awe… You are so sweet and precious. I praise God for giving you visions of your “Little Poem up in Heaven”. I pray for healing for you. I don’t know what happened but feel that she did not suffer. God has her in His Hands.

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      2. to have some sort of word or feeling that she didn’t suffer is what I’ve been praying these past seven years for. You are such a special soul and angel to me. Thank you for sharing that with me. You have reached the deep place of my heat- ❤️


      3. Awe… Praise God! He knows what you needed to hear. All that I know is what I felt. He has your little girl… and He loves you very much and does not want you to suffer. God bless you, my sweet sister!

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  10. The unwanted, unexpected storm that can’t be avoided and must be endured in order to see and feel the sunshine again. I’m holding you in my heart and prayers in certainty of the storms final passing and the sun’s return…

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