I See You, I mean really See You!

Another Soul Sister reminds me that I am not alone.
Please visit Lisha-she is so inspiring xxx



I See You!

Since starting this blog I have come across some very special people, some of which I find myself caring about and if I don’t hear from them I check on them, and they check on me.
I have even made two very good friends that I hope as time passes we will meet and become lifetime friends for I never want to lose contact with either one.

I read this (below) and Only I Know the Real Me came flashing into my mind and heart and I just wanted her to know that I see, adore and cherish everything about her, from her scarecrow hair to the invisible puddle of tears at her feet. She is the first and dearest friend I made because I started my blog, and we except each other just as we are. I just wish we were not on each end of…

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21 thoughts on “I See You, I mean really See You!

  1. Stunning! I have also make some life long friends through my blog and have come to realise that a digital friendship can be just as deep and rewarding as a ‘real life’ friendship. Much love to all the bloggers and writers out there who connect across the seas and skies x

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