Play for Me 

Play for me

A song that morph’s…

A symphony

Rapture my thoughts 

Into a featherweight melody

Let me sit alongside you

As we flow our poetry

Into the magic of 

Black and white keys 

My head on your shoulder

Soothe this fallen souldier 

Oh acoustic warrior!

Play for me

Tangling beats with 

The bodies harmony

Gushing in an emotion

So wildly

Only by you 

Who can truly feel

My unsung tune

…The hues that spin 

My unkempt moods

I long to hear them too!

Play for me

And I…

Will melt for you 


91 thoughts on “Play for Me 

      1. Yeah babe! I posted the other day that I’m changing my blog – I need to move past the ‘surrender’ label. I need a bigger playground

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      2. Phew! I’m over here just freaking out that I can’t get to my girl! Ok- I missed that post- been dealing with some shit lately so haven’t been here as much as I want. Proud of you beautiful. Love you!!!

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  1. Beautiful. Made me think of a gypsy-angel-pianist who knows me better than I know myself, playing a few of those songs inside of myself I’d forgotten about… coaxing me out into the open…


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      1. That makes me happy. I want to enjoy being outside as often as possible. The weather will change soon, I don’t like cold weather. Fall is nice!!! Be blessed!!!

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  2. So deep and harmonically wonderful.

    The whole poem and the ending just a soothing and inspiring hope.

    Love this poem of your very much.

    P.S I posted up a new poem today. Check it out.
    Also, be advised – there are 3 words on my poem that I made up on my own.
    It might sound different to you as you read it. But I thought I change the rhythm of the poetic language.


    1. Oh gosh I am so sorry! Thank you so much for your kind and deeply touching words to me. I have been a bit overcome with things lately and I must have missed replying to you- please accept my apologies and know it was not intentional! Of course you can make music to my words- I am honored you like my poetry. Thank you so much Mihran.


  3. A beautiful poem – piano is my favorite instrument. I could love a man only for being able to play the piano 🙂 Sadly, I didn’t think about loving a piano man when I was a student 😉 It came later. Too late 🙂

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  4. It flowed like a sweet hypnotic melody. You know, I read this and I imagined Beyonce with a little music in the background. This was wonderful. I hope you realize how your words resonate with your followers. Feel better now. Satisfied my Souldergirl fix. Happy and healthy 2016 to you and everyone you love.

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    1. Thank you so much Andrew. It is Andrew right? Have to make sure 😊 hope you realize how much you help me to keep this blog up. Somedays I get so bad that I don’t see the point- you remind me that there is one. Many maybe. I so appreciate you. Thank you 💙

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