25 thoughts on “A Blogger Is

  1. You couldn´t have said it better. Specially liked the last part ” I create fantastic masks to hide the mundane in hopes in finding importance in my own words. In myself” Perfect ending.


  2. Nice. The thoughts and feelings you write here are valuable. They’re gifts to your readers as an insight to your should and being and they should be treasured. Thanks for writing them 🙂


  3. Hi Souldier Girl,
    It seems you and I are both huge fans of Jason Cushman. Did you meet me on his site?
    I dropped by to thank you so much for following my blog. I would like to offer you an exclusive invitation to pin to our exclusive group Pinterest board. Would you mind giving me your Pinterest Email, so I can send you an invitation?
    Thank you again,
    Janice, MostlyBlogging.com

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    1. I think so- yes Jason is awesome! So glad he is back. I am finding your site very helpful too. Can you look me up by my username its Souldiergirl❤️.

      Thank you for reaching out- how exciting and what an honor!

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      1. HI
        So glad you are finding my site helpful. It’s why I blog, to help people, so it means a lot. Thank you.
        Regarding Pinterest, I couldn’t find you under that name. Generally, I plug in an Email and the person comes up. I suppose you could message me there by commenting on one of my pins or something. Thank you for the nice words about my site. Let me know about Pinterest. Thanks.

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